Carry the fuck on approach!

If you have been in a toxic relationship, you know the toll it takes on your body, mind, and soul. Grieving the breakup was easy this time because I had already planned to leave the relationship after one of the fights got the better of me. I made self-care my top priority, my number one… Continue reading Carry the fuck on approach!


How early morning routines can help with heartbreak

A heartbreak is a difficult experience for everyone, and it can be especially challenging to get over it when you are struggling to get out of bed and start your day. However, creating an early morning routine can be an effective way to help you overcome a heartbreak and start moving forward. In this blog post, we will explore why having an early morning routine is important, and how it can help you get over a heartbreak.


Celebrate and make the most out of Valentine’s Day as a single person

Valentine's Day is often associated with couples, but being single on this day doesn't mean you can't enjoy it! Here are some ways to celebrate and make the most out of Valentine's Day as a single person: