I started these journal prompts on my own after failed attempts on keeping up with the NO CONTACT rule with Mr.Ex.  It didn’t matter what break-up book I was reading; I would always cave in on days 3-7. I didn’t think I ever made it past the 7-day mark with all my efforts. (EVENTUALLY I DID... Continue Reading →

Alone In The Darkness

Photo by Vladyslav Dukhin on Racing Thoughts My mind can seem to calm down and my body is now reacting.  -       Losing sleep  -       Night sweats  -       Body ache  -       Eating, not Eating  -       Crying Unstoppable  -       Chest Hurts  -       Knee acting up again -       Migraines I want to throw up at times, feeling sick to my stomach. How could Jack cheat... Continue Reading →

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