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Reading to Heal one Book at a TIME!!!


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I’m Melissa; I am so happy you are here; thank you for checking out my blog.

I’m all about self-care and healing to become a better person for ourselves first, then to others.

It took some life-altering severe events to take place in my life to get my act together finally. It’s been a journey. Let’s say it like it is!

Maybe you’re new to self-development, healing old wounds, or perhaps you went through and nasty breakup and feel lost. Trust me I’ve been there; I know how it can be complicated and overwhelming. I also know how lonely life can get.

I had to deal with a breakup once and I was in a country where I had no family and friends but let me tell you that experience taught me a whole lot, but I also wish I knew how to handle it a lot better with certain tools, and reading marterial.

I think I have become an expert in working in a toxic job, relationships and being lonely in the past. Now I am an expert on putting my mental health first.

I can be reached on both Twitter and IG under the name @unfilteredmel83

Love Always,


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