I’m Melissa, I am so happy you are here, thank you for checking out my blog.

I’m all about self care and healing to become a better person for ourselves first then to others.

It took some serious life altering events to take place in my life to finally get my act together. It’s been a journey let just say it like it is right !

If you like to know more about what I like or how I can possibly help you on your journey please feel free to contact me.

Maybe your new to self development, healing old wounds or maybe you went through and nasty breakup and feel lost. Trust I’ve been there I know how it can be hard and overwhelming. I also know how lonely life can get.

I have a course coming up shortly on dealing with a breakup when you’re alone or a “loner” like some might say.

I had to deal with a breakup once and I was in a country where I had no family and friends but let me tell you that experience taught me a whole lot, but I also wish I knew how to handle it a lot better with certain tools, and reading marterial.

I want to share with you what I have learned.

Look out for the program on “getting over a break and make that break-up worth it” in the new year, until then don’t be shy reach out.

Love Always,


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