I have been slowly getting back into my yoga practice. Last weekend I did a flow and only lasted 24mins due to my body being fatigued.  I told myself this morning that we are rolling out the mat and I want to do Naked yoga. Let me guess when you think of the word NAKED... Continue Reading →

I left Yoga Teacher Training

It took one week to leave.  I don’t even know where to begin. I had a rough couple of day’s starting my training. Second day in I had a Panic Attack and had to leave the training early.  Three days in it I was having a break down. Nothing in my world was going right.... Continue Reading →

I want to give up on life

I’m three days into my yoga teacher training. Yesterday I had to leave , I was getting what felt like anxiety. The room felt like it was caving in, I just had to leave. What I was getting was a full blown panic attack. My life feels like it’s falling apart before my eyes, like... Continue Reading →

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