It's Day 2 on my no contact with Jack in an attempt to help heal our relationship, even if that means both of us are going to go our separate ways.  I am now approaching the subject of healing "The Mother Wound". I must say this inner child stuff is a bit bizarre at first and... Continue Reading →


I am confused that is for sure. The only thing I seem to be sure about these days is that I am confused.  Not the confusion that came with the break-up, heartbreak, and grief.  Not the one where I was crying constantly and in physical and emotional pain.  This confusion is different.  Almost feels I... Continue Reading →


I think this pandemic left us either feeling sick of always being stuck at home, or really missing our hometown/travel.  I am home sick today. I am missing the aroma of fall, the first sight of leaves changing their color. The devilish marketing with everything Pumpkin Spice.  As I sit here in my office feeling... Continue Reading →

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