I can’t be sure if my research is leading me to be an interesting blogger or finally making me accountable. Dam the ugly parts of me are not so nice.  What do you do when your relationship has failed, trying to save it, trying to heal yourself because suffering is just not an option anymore... Continue Reading →


TURST YOUR GUT! I am still a zombie, sleepless nights are now ruining my life.  My brain doesn't want to shut down, it's keeping thinking and thinking, maybe a cold shower is in order for tonight. I am still craving a burger and that craving should be dealt with tomorrow.  I realize when you have... Continue Reading →


BE KIND   I have been sitting with these tears since Saturday. On Saturday I got an email from Jack (ex), I opened it saw it was nothing good. So I put his email address on block and reported it as spam.  I cried tonight! The email hurt me.  What I gathered from the email... Continue Reading →

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