Starting this Blog

I wanted to start this blog about my healing journey. To be honest its been a while that starting a blog was on my mind. However I always thought that my voice was too loud for anyone to hear, too offensive, too much for a lot. I have just been dumped or was it a mutual thing I have no idea heads too cloudy at this time.

I figure why not start now, I have been on this journey for some years now and I have things to say.

So let me be honest up front , if you find cussing offensive don’t bother to read my blog. “Sorry, not sorry”.

I have no intentions to sugar coat anything hence the name “No Filter Healing”.

I want to take you with me on this journey, through this break up , I want you to see the good and the bad. I want us to have fun, cry, and laugh together.

There is just a deep calling for me to be here right now doing this blog.

So what do you say, think you’ll stick around for bit ?

Should you want to reach out or have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at

So here is a bit about me. You can call me Mel and yes its short for Melissa. I love reading books. Self help/development and contemporary fiction is my thing. I love any thing psychology you know mind stuff. I enjoy doing yoga, I have to have coffee in the morning, I am a mother and my 13 year old son lives with his dad in Florida while I reside in Trinidad (I can’t wait to move). I am self employed and by that I mean I work with my dads family (eye rolls), I have been married and divorced once. I have three amazing sisters and mom they all live in Toronto. Its just my dad that I have in Trinidad in terms of close family members.

I am currently going through a break up. This relationship lasted 6 years too long. I started my healing journey a while back actually when him and I had separated for about 2 years. The first round was hurtful and so is this one. More on that break up later.

I will be starting my yoga teacher trying in a 22 days , that is also going to be on here. Share with you all what’s in my heart and mind.


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