Sometimes It’s Necessary to Break Up with Your Gym to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Welcome to my weekly personal blog post about my health/weight-loss journey. Here I share my personal experience with my workout plans and the down days of trying to lose weight at 40.

It’s been a while since I shared my health journey, and I’ve been busy focusing on my coaching business and trying my hardest to hold onto a gym.

As someone who started weight training at almost 40, it was scary as hell, and I had to push through the limiting self-talk that I was too old or out of shape to start. But after seeing some results, I realized that the gym I joined wasn’t working for me, and I had to break up with it.

About a month into my routine and a new wake-up time of 3:30 am, I crashed when I got home, and I had no time for my dog, and I was rushing to work in the mornings. I was far from being consistent, one of my goals this year, and letting myself down. Something was not right here, and I had to find a way to deal with it.

After listening to my body and analyzing the situation, I realized that I needed a solution, not an excuse. So, I quit the gym that was 20mins away, gave up having a trainer and joined a gym 7 mins away from home. Now I am getting an extra hour of sleep and can include more cardio kickboxing classes, which was something I had to give up going to the old gym.

The lesson here is that sometimes it may take a few trials to find out what gym works for you, even what type of workout works for you. But we will only know what works if we try and fail. So if you’ve struggled to start a new goal this year, or failed or felt defeated, don’t give up. Instead, take a step back, analyze the situation, and find a solution that works for you and your lifestyle.


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