Weigh-In Wednesday: Rest!

Welcome to my weekly personal blog post about my health/weight-loss journey. Here I share my personal experience with my workout plans and the down days of trying to lose weight at 39.

I have a weight training schedule of 3 days a week.

I am approaching my 4-week mark.

I have one cardio day that I do on a Saturday. (Kickboxing, I love you.)

This upcoming week I will be adding yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Last week Tuesday, I was restless, I had nothing to do in the morning, and I have adjusted to my new wake-up time.

Tuesday Morning

 I am sitting in my apartment wondering why the F*ck am just sitting here; why can’t I do some boxing, maybe try jogging (oh, who am I kidding? I hate anything that has to do with running), oh I should perhaps tell the trainer I need more days to train.

My mind was in a loop of not sitting still. I wanted my body to move.

I quickly messaged my friend, “I think I need more than one cardio day.”

His reply made me sit still for the rest of the morning, and I realized that I was still in a toxic diet culture of wanting results NOW.

“Dam it, why does it have to be this hard?”

On Wednesday, my trainer surprised me by switching my days; Wednesday is now leg day. I learned the power of rest that day.

Between each set of ten reps, I was asked to rest for 2 mins.

Remember on Tuesday when I couldn’t sit still?

Well, if you have to increase your weight and get the best results in form and power, every second counts with your two minutes of rest.

I noticed in the gym that I was pumped and ready to go, one after the next, with each set of workouts. 

I thought the harder I pushed, the faster I would get there.

That concept is true in other areas in life, but it doesn’t work well with the body and mind.

Both body and mind need rest to do what it’s supposed to: repair and build; in my case, I am trying my best to build muscle.

When it was time to do my last set of weights on my leg press, guess what? I wasn’t tired to the point that I couldn’t push no-more, but I had enough power and force in my legs to complete my reps. I am more capable of completing my reps all due to the rest I take in between.

I have been living in a diet world for so long that I want results now, thinking I always have to do something, consume something, or refuse something to get somewhere.

Rest days are essential.

Even if you are not in the gym, we all need that time to unplug.


Results won’t ever come overnight; rest is vital for body and mind repair.

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