Disappear for six months

Recently I have been getting a message about disappearing for six months, it either comes on my YouTube feed, or it will be mentioned in a book I am listening to.

Disappear, they say, for six whole months.

Shit! That might be hard with no social media and no going out of my way to be seen or heard.

But what do I have to lose?

I sat with this thought for the past three months.

Why not disengage from all social media, focus on what I have in front of me and trust that something significant, like a new business , maybe a new relationship, or perhaps a better understanding of the madness that sometimes crosses my mind?

I have nothing to lose and can leave all social platforms behind. 

I have been busy but unproductive lately, and my decision-making skills could improve.

I have an idea of what I want the next ten years to look like, but I am all over the place on how I can get to where I want to be.

Turning 40 is a big deal for me, and the last thing I will do is live the next ten years as I have been.

I am honest enough to say I have failed badly over the last ten years in most areas of my life.

Not because I am in a much better place now means I have done a great job.

I won’t get far with a cluttered mind and no direction.

I need direction, not a distraction.


The answer to that question is YES.

Yes, I will continue to blog.

Blogging helps me improve my writing skills and helps me turn my weekly commitment into a habit instead of a chore.

Do you think you can disappear for six months, work on yourself and come back with results?

2 thoughts on “Disappear for six months

  1. I would miss my family and my routine a ton so while it would be difficult, the idea of disappearing for 6 months only to focus on my wants, needs, and practices without the pull of technology sounds blissful! Hmmm… perhaps the distraction is the direction?

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