Weigh-In Wednesdays: UNF*UCK YOURSELF

Welcome to my weekly personal blog post about my health/weight-loss journey. Here I share my personal experience with my workout plans and the down days of trying to lose weight at 39.

In Last week’s blog post, I mentioned that I had to ask myself, “how badly do I want to lose weight.”

From over 200lbs to a plateau of 150-155lbs. I had work to do again when I put on close to 20 lbs.

This week’s blog post is all about UnF*ck Yourself.

When I say lose weight, I am referring to getting to a healthy BMI and becoming healthy overall.

F*cking Fed-up with the spinning bike.

”If you’re sometimes talking about how ‘unfair’ life is, you’ll start to act according to that view, perceiving slights where none exist or, as studies have shown, putting less effort into your work because you’ve already determined it won’t accomplish anything. The unfair view will quickly become your reality.”

― Gary John Bishop, Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life 

Over the years, I told myself that 45-60 mins of cardio were enough, and maybe if I starved myself during the day/week, the binge eating would be at bay or not so bad when Friday or the weekends came about.

For years I stayed safe in the zone of comfort.

I was weak and bored.

I was no longer fighting a battle of the bulge. Instead, I was now fighting a war in my mind.

Until I decided enough was enough, I was going to UnF*ck myself.

Eventually, you get fed up with your excuses and poor ways that have no results, or you get results, and something isn’t right.

Change because, seriously, the way you are doing things is not working.

I was changing my mindset about approaching my workouts and eating altered for the best late last year.

Intermitting fasting helped me gain control of how I was eating; I was more intuitive with my body cues, paying attention to when I was hungry and not bored.

Then after a much-needed trip to get my mind right, I sat down and asked myself why I didn’t go after the workouts I wanted. Why didn’t I do kickboxing and weight training when I wanted to at 27?

Do you know why I didn’t go after my fitness goals as I wanted to?

I was selling myself all sorts of lies that would keep me stuck and in a comfort zone.

I was setting myself up for failure before getting off the sofa; I never looked into kickboxing because I thought I had to be fit already; I never stuck with a personal trainer because I could barely do a bench press, and I was intimidated by weight machines.

Do you know what is more intimidating than weight machines? It’s that voice that keeps me stuck, it’s that part of me that is always playing it F*cking safe.

Luckily, I decided to take some of Gary Bishop’s advice, among other No-Bullshit approach motivational speakers, and I pushed harder every day to get out of my comfort zone.

As James Clear says, “you don’t run a marathon; you become a runner.”

I had two choices sit on my ass, complain of how spinning and yoga don’t do it for me anymore, eat my feelings on the weekend or work on my mindset.

”The more you tell yourself how hard something is, the harder it will actually seem.”

― Gary John Bishop, Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your 


I am on week 3 of weight training, four months of kickboxing classes and my body fucking hurts on some days.

I thought by now I would have cancelled a weight training session, that I would have cried about how tired my body has been with a wake-up time of 4 am.

I remind myself daily that it’s not going to be easy at times, but it will be worth it.

“Stop blaming luck. Stop blaming other people. Stop pointing to outside influences or circumstances.”

Gary John Bishop, Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life 

It’s a bit of a tough-love approach I am taking. It’s the only way to push through the mental block to get the mindset of a winner.

I have accepted that my body is curvy, wobbly and has cellulite. I have also accepted that my body is now created to build muscles.  

”We can determine our emotions by steering our thoughts. We can shape those thoughts by being conscious of and diligent about our words and the kind of language we engage in. A lot of this will come down to your basic tolerance of your current mindset and your willingness to change it.”

Gary John Bishop, Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life 


UNF*CK YOURSELF, stop with the bullshit excuses of why you can’t do something and make a plan to do it and get it done.

The other day, I was thrilled when the trainer called me out about my lack of confidence. I need someone to tell me I am messing up sometimes; I need the truth, not the sugar-covered bullshit I have been sitting in for years.

What is keeping you back from trying something new?

UnFu*k Yourself Quotes

”The physiological and psychological impact of using in-the-moment, assertive language is not only powerful, it has a very real in-the-moment effect. There’s a massive difference between, ‘I am relentless’ and, ‘I will be relentless’. One of those statements intervenes in this moment of your life, the other lives more like a description of what’s to come rather than what’s here. All of this will require you to try out assertive speaking in your daily life and catch yourself when you’re using the more general narrative kind of speaking.”

Gary John Bishop, Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life 

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