Weigh-In Wednesdays: Oh F*ck, another weight loss goal.



I haven’t written about my weight loss in a while. This is because I took a break from writing and needed to regroup.

Over the past six months, I have stopped weighing myself; two weeks ago, I took measurements and started kickboxing three months ago.

I do intermittent fasting on most days, besides the days I might be unwell or have had social gatherings.

With the new year approaching, like everyone else, I have been planning my goals for the new year in high hopes that this coming year will be the year I finally get to my goal weight/body.

While planning this new weight training regimen and knowing that my new goal is not so much weight loss but body composition (weight training), I had to move some things around.

Planning this new goal is something I could be doing better, and I must be mindful of my budget as well since another one of my goals is to gain more finances.

I realized that, as with any goal in life, there is a part that requires sacrifice. In my case, it will have to be the cardio Kickboxing that I have been enjoying for the past three months, and I feel at this point that it’s the best form of therapy. Money well spent, for sure.

Going to the drawing board with my plan for the new year has been a task; I wrote down what I wanted and fiddled with numbers and schedules until I realized that no matter how many times I adjusted the numbers or moved around days to “try” to fit my schedule. Nothing would work because everything I did ensure I was “comfortable.”

“Here’s the thing, being comfortable and gentle with yourself can sometimes keep you stuck.”

I know this new year, I need some tough love, and I have to give it to myself and let my weakness come to light.

Sure I sulked at my new plan and wondered how I would get through this workout routine I had set for myself.

It’s a new gym, a new trainer, and a longer drive, but it’s the only way I can get to where I want to go budget-wise.

I managed to cut down on the kickboxing classes while still keeping one weekly class. I didn’t give it up completely, but my new weight training routine needed a reduction in my cardio kickboxing classes.


It is important to follow a few steps when embarking on any goal.

  • Write down your goals on paper.
  • Why down your why’s for your goals and will find your weakness. (example: why do you want to stop smoking? Your answer might be because you want to be healthy; why do you want to be healthy? Ect, eventually, you might discover that one of your main goals might be to work on Confidence)
  • Stick your goals on mirrors and walls throughout the house
  • Adjust your sleep to fit the new goal
  • Plan your week ahead   
  • Be prepared before you start (For Example, I knew I had to start with weight training and the barbells at the gym hurt when resting on hips or upper back. I ordered a bar cushion and lifting gloves online.)
  • Content Absorption (Read, listen and watch as many things as possible to get the required information to get to where you want to go.
  • Write down what can stop you from reaching your goal and plan to get out of it.
  • Forget the goal and create a habit; habits last longer than goals.


Starting anything new will come with challenges, but change will never come in your comfort zone.

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