We are nine days away from Christmas, and part of me wants to hide, wishing the whole season would pass by in a flash.

Some days I am homesick, and some days, I can’t stop smiling at how much this year has changed me in so many ways.

I felt like hell at the beginning of the year; I slowed down on my blogging, travelled for a month to get my heart and mind back on the same rhythm, found God in places I least expected, and did it all sober.

Recently I have been getting asked why I do not drink.

It seems like something might be wrong with me if I do not take a drink now and again.

But let me tell you something: I cherish my sobriety; it’s something I love about myself and life. I love that I have no hangover stories, that I am fully present in every moment given to me, and that sobriety gave me so much love for life and boundaries with other people.

For some, sobriety came from addiction; mine came from wanting to be present.

It sucks that women today are given the message that we “need a drink” to be good mothers, wives, businesswomen etc.

We don’t need to be shit-faced to get through life; we must be willing to show up for life. We have to have faith that life will guide us in the right direction.

Whatever your reason for passing up on a few cocktails this year, let it be your choice, not someone else.

Don’t feel pressured into drinking; if you break your sobriety, it’s not the end of the world; you can recover and start again.

Sobriety is not a race but a journey.

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