If you are new to the Sober lifestyle, know that you will sometimes find it hard to resist the urge to drink.

You will ask why you even went out on this sober journey.

Whatever your reasons for starting will be the reason you stay on track.

It’s okay to have slip-ups, but please do not, I repeat, do not put shame on yourself; it will make things much worse when you add to a very bad hang-over.

Getting off track is your pathway to getting on track.

Recently I was sent a study on the consumption of alcohol in moderation is beneficial to one’s health.

While this may seem like a good idea, when you are dealing with the abuse of alcohol, is it advisable to ignore this case study on the moderation of Alcohol.

Especially if you are a binge drinker.

My best advice for this holiday season regarding alcohol consumption is to ask yourself, why are you drinking in the first place?

Is it to fit in?

Is it to numb out?

Is it to enjoy just one glass, or will this one glass turn into a few too many?

We are brilliant at making choices regarding our life and health; you be the judge.

Don’t feel pressure to do something that no longer aligns with the person you are becoming.

For me, I want a glass of whiskey. Will I have it? No, it’s not permissible in my religion, and it no longer aligns with the woman I have become.

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