Colleen Hoover did it again and made me cry; yes, I blame this author for many tears.

As suggested by the author, it was recommended that you read the first book, IT ENDS WITH US.

Luckily I had read it and put many other women reading it.

The story is a continuation of where it ended, a love story that unfolds with the main charter Lilly falling back in love with her young love Atlas.

The author took a safe approach and spent much time on a sequel with everything her fans wanted Lilly and Atlas to be.

It was a happy ending, for sure.

Much time was spent on the romance, and while I didn’t mind it, I wish she did spend more time on the trials of leaving an abusive ex-husband. I think she skimmed through it.

After reading IT ENDS WITH US, I was left with many emotions, so maybe Colleen Hoover didn’t want us to be so shocked, stressed, and hurt again.

Perhaps she wanted us, readers, to wish, and know that happy endings can exist after leaving an abusive relationship, that trials will come, but strength will have to be your number one priority.

As a person who has dealt with domestic abuse, both physical and emotional, I wish that someday I can have an Atlas in my life.

I have yet to be disappointed by anything written by Colleen Hoover.

What did you like or didn’t like about the book?

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