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I asked around this week and did some observing. The simple answer is NO, I am not sure about men, but when it comes to women, we spend a great deal on the beauty industry.

The Revue for the U.S Cosmetic industry is an estimated 49 BILLION US DOLLARS.

As a person who is not fully there with Body Acceptance, I wondered if I would get there in my lifetime.

I am aging like everyone else; I am not as energetic as I was before pregnancy at 24 years old, and the mommy makeover is still on my bucket list.

I have moments when I love being in my body; I have moments I avoid looking at my body.

It sure doesn’t help either when everyone on Social Media is looking like a 10, and you try your best to look like a ten with about five different filters, and still, you’re not satisfied.

I think body image is hard to deal with, especially if you have been bullied or judged about it all your life.

I come from a culture that loves to comment on how you look; culture can sometimes be unkind.

Maybe there is a spiritual path we can take with this, and surrender hope for the best and love our bodies just the way it is, be honest when we fail to show up at the gym or the walk or when we eat like crap.

We all have enough common sense to know the difference.

We have to choose differently.


I have not weighed myself yet, and it’s going to be a month since I returned from my trip.

I started kickboxing, and my body hurts today, so I will be booking a massage.

Kickboxing will be once a week. Yoga will happen more often; I can tell when my body needs yoga, my back starts to hurt, and I feel like crap.

I am meal-prepping when possible, but it’s been a bit busy with dad’s birthday.

I’ll keep you posted, but don’t count me on it; I am not in the writing mood these days.