Weigh-In Wednesdays: MOVE YOUR ASS ALREADY.

I genuinely admire people who work out daily; they are motivated and committed to their routines.

I have two brothers-in-laws dedicated to their workouts and strict with what they put into their bodies.

People who have a gym/workout routine have superpowers.

A superpower I hope to attain someday.

What if you are anything like me years into a weight loss journey to now find yourself lazy AF?

What are we supposed to do?

It’s been about a good month now that I have been searching for answers, and here is what I came up with.


  • Over time we can create a new habit by doing a little every day.
  • Increasing the time spent working out will come in small increments.
  • Be consistent with your new habit.
  • Become the identity of a person who works out regularly.
  • Become a F*cking Monster; by this, I mean ignite that inner beast in you. There is a reason why “gym people” use the term “beast mode.” Use your anger, if you must, as fuel to get your ass moving.
  • Starting over is not failing; starting over is not giving up. I had to remind myself of this recently with feeling overweight and out of shape.


As a person who believes in energy, I think that over time, being stagnant on the couch with Netflix and the dog for over a month can negatively affect our bodies when responding to the world.

The energy trapped in our bodies can become heavy and dull, sometimes making us feel weak.

For me, depression got a bit of me, and so did life to a certain extent.

Moving your body will definitely give you an energy boost and eliminate that stagnant, dull energy that also contributes to your bad mood or depression.

Moving your body can come in many forms, and while I have been sitting around wondering how I can get my workout mojo back, these are the ideas that came up.

Try something different and fun.


For years I have stuck to a very plain workout and found myself from time to time searching for other things to add to my yoga and indoor cycling routine.

I need more adventure and something I can push to let go of all these frustrations that have been sitting in my body.

I came up with a few ideas to try and see over time which one I would stick with that would give me both a mental boost and physical (weight loss, tone and strength) results.









Kickboxing has always been something that I wanted to do for a long time, but always thoughts I had to be a specific size and have mega muscles, that it was not for someone like me who is by far anything close to being fit.

Recently I am just fed up with my excuses and want to change and also challenge myself to be better and do better. I also need some dam variety in my life; I have played it safe for far too long.

With all this frustration, with myself and the excuses, I signed up for personal kickboxing classes.


Starting over or even just starting a new way of living is hard. It comes with its challenges; skipping a workout, skipping out on meal prep or skipping a self-care routine can catch up with you as it recently did with me.

At the age of 39, I know what my body can and not do right now; I also know what I enjoy and don’t with certain things about physical activities.

Aerobics has always been something I disliked; I feel I have no coordination whatsoever, it’s a bit too fast-paced for my liking, and I don’t enjoy it, period.

I won’t do aerobics or anything like ZUMBA. It’s great for others, but I will not enjoy a Zumba or aerobics class.

I must move my fat ass because I am telling you the truth here. If I don’t, my physical and mental health will go down the drain.

I have been on this journey for over six years, and I have had my fair share of ups and downs; I have cried while I was on the spinning bike wanting to give up, and I have celebrated being so darn proud of myself for pushing through a hot yoga class and losing 50lbs.  

I am at a point now where my excuses are no longer working for me; even my dam ego is not buying my bullshit stories of why I can’t move my body.

I took action steps today and I booked four session of private kickboxing classes.

I am excited, nervous and happy I am taking action and adding some fun into my life.

I am still on an intermittent fasting lifestyle or diet, whatever you want to call it; more next week on that subject.

My weigh-in is next week when I remember to buy batteries for the scale. (if I remember)

What activities have you tried that you enjoyed but didn’t think you would have?

What ideas do you have for workouts?

What got you out of a “not motivated to workout funk”?

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