I used to think having faith was like a chore or some magic spell I can say, or an act like, you know. You tell everyone you believe in God, and there it is your proof of faith.

It turns out it’s not like that; having faith in God or your dreams comes and goes, but then it comes to stay.

I mean, come on now, you’re asking me to trust God, the same God my mom, told me that god would chop off my tongue if I used bad words, the same God that would put me in hell if I had sex before marriage or watched a half-naked man.

When it came to me trusting and Having Faith in GOD/Universe, it was with a lot of trial and error, and it came with the act of surrendering to an unknown and knowing that it would all work out for me; in the end, no matter what and its all working out for my highest good.

Most people I know who tell me they believe in God have no faith in his ability to change their lives for the better; most people act religiously and have no faith.

Faith is also trying and repeatedly failing at a task to get it right one day.

Faith is, for me, just a knowing, a feeling of a knowing if that makes any sense to you.

With all the changes going on in my life, the recent breakup, moving from one apartment to another, giving up my ten-year life in Trinidad to move back to Canada.

I knew from the very start of the shift that was taking place that FAITH in God was going to be a prerequisite for me to push through to the other chapter of my life; I didn’t have booze to numb, junk food and bad men anymore. I just had the power of prayer.

Napoleon Hill says, “Faith is the elixir to prayer.” At first, I didn’t get it; for my prayers to work, I had to have FAITH and know that it would work, that my devotion to GOD would get answered, and I also had to leave some things up for surrender and let them unfold organically.

Faith and Prayer get me by on these lonely nights; it’s what gives me hope for a better tomorrow should I see one; it makes me forgive others who have wronged me. Faith in God is what sets me free.