“WTF is going on with my scale?”

“How the hell did I gain weight?”

“Oh shit, I weighed myself just before my period.”

“Oh, I went down 2 lbs; today will be a good day.”

“God dam it, why the f*ck won’t make the number move.”

“The scale is a BITCH”

“Wow, down 3 lbs; I can have cake tonight at dinner.”

Have those things come out of your mouth seconds after weighing yourself?

I have been on this journey for more than six years and am nowhere near where I want to be.

One of my most toxic relationships with weight loss is my relationship with my scale.

In the beginning, I weighed myself every day to see if I had lost weight.

If you start with anything in the 200lbs, expect to see the number fall the minute you start changing your lifestyle, like eating and working out.

Early on, I did notice that the number on my scale would go up when I was around my period cycle; right before and during, my weight would go up.

Slowly I learned that the scale was a bitch, was moody just like me and somedays I wanted to through her out the window, never to be in my space again.

After my monthly cycle, I would notice that the number would drop, right back to where I was before she (the scale) started to act up.

She’s my B*tch

My scale might be up and down, just like my moods, but one thing for sure is now she’s my B*itch.

By that, I mean she works for me now and not against me; I don’t allow the readings on the scale to tell me if today will be a good day.

If you have been following, you will know that I am now trying Intermittent Fasting, and I am over a month in with some slip-ups along the way.

I recently got a book called FAST. FEAST. REPEAT.

I bought the book to understand fasting and what I was allowed and not allowed, and these dam terms like “Clean Fast.”

Today is day 2 of my “Clean Fast” before starting my fast, I had to weigh, measure, and then jot down. I didn’t bother to measure because I am sure I could use the exact measurements from a month ago.

Okay, simple, right?

In her book FAST. FEAST. REPEAT she also asks you to put away your scale….umm excuse me.

What did this lady ask me to do? Put away my scale; the last time I put away my scale was when I gained 20lbs because I thought by not weighing every day, I was having a healthy relationship with the scale.

I am unsure about this “put the scale away” method. I know I am trying my best to listen to hunger cues and not get back to where I was before, but honestly, I need this bitch (the scale) in my life.

I need her to show me when I am doing a good job, just like she used to.

I have all sorts of emotions regarding my scale. One min, I weigh every day, then the next, I forget about the scale and just stuff my face.  


When I first started to fast, I was doing a 20/4. I  am doing an 18/6, and I feel good with this one.

So far, what I like the most about fasting is that it’s a lifestyle, not a diet. I have no restrictions, but I have to use my common sense and eat healthy when my eating window is open.

I am at my end with weight loss. I have tried just about every dam diet, and trust me, I was on diet pills a few years ago too.

Not only is trying to be on some special diet costly, but it’s also not doable for me. For one, I am lazy AF. Two, I wouldn’t say I like cooking. Three, it gets expensive.

With intermitted fasting, I get to have the salads I make at home with a slice of toast. I am not limiting carbs; I am not even saying “no” to nice dark chocolate. I have my desserts when I want to, like when I have my period or relaxing day. I am not eating desserts every day, but if I want to have something sweet, I can.

I like that this allows me to get in touch with my hunger cues again. I am not just grazing throughout the day eating because it’s 2 pm somewhere in the world.



Another thing I like the fasting is that it gives me more time to think about other things. I don’t know about you, but I was obsessed with food.

If I had breakfast, I thought about dinner or lunch before swallowing my first bite.

I would have daydreams about food and watch Mukbangs, to curb my cravings (don’t judge).

Today I will eat within my six-hour window. Most days, I am satisfied within 3-4 hours, and I close off my fast for the next day.

On Sunday, I broke my fast early because I couldn’t take it anymore, and I felt like I needed to eat.

So far, I am averaging a 20-hour fast, but I am sticking to the 18/6 as that is what I am comfortable with right now.

That’s it for this week.

The scale is not something I am willing to hide ever again, and I am sticking with IF.

What are your favourite desserts of all time?

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