It takes time.

I have often mentioned compassion when I talk about my early stages of living a sober life.

Little did I know that compassion for myself and others would have to be something that I have to practice daily.

Regarding my eating habits and trying to lose weight, I don’t have much compassion for myself, and my words are often harsh.

So here I am today reminding you to have compassion for yourself wherever you are or whatever it is you are trying to overcome.

Healing or becoming better humans is not a destination but an obstacle course that rarely ends. It’s fun and messy, and it’s being able to learn and grow.

Compassion can come in many different ways; it can come from changing our self-talk and even how we show up for the world.

While I fell off my intermittent fasting and went back up to 166lbs, I had to hold myself accountable and remind myself that I was not a failure but could try again and see what worked for me.

Losing weight at any age is not easy. Our bodies change as we age, the stress levels change with time, and we must adjust.

What works for me might not work for you.

Today have some compassion for yourself and whomever you know that is on a weight loss journey.