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Before getting into my Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), I was getting more into my faith (Islam); it’s funny how things work out because my prayer mat brought me to yoga five years ago.

Here I am, and yoga brings me back to my prayer mat, and I have to say, with both, I have some balance.

While I am a revert to Islam, I still concider myself a new Muslim as I always concider myself a new student of yoga.

While I got deeper into my Spirituality, I noticed that the world would be unkind and faith is hard to obtain. Let’s face it; not everything works out the way we want.

But how cool is it that I can surrend to my creator at any given moment and ask for guidance?

I struggled with posting myself as a “yoga person” and wondering if I should hide my faith, truth is I can’t be ashamed of who I am or what I believe in.

I also can’t deny another person because they believe in something else or choose to be another way.

My Islamic faith and yoga teach me to accept others just as they are. After all, God didn’t want us to be the same; he created us differently for a reason.

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I have noticed that there is a lot of judgment about women in the religious world.

“she wears her clothes too tight”

“she is not muslim look she has tattoo”

“ can’t wear your hijab that way”

“Girl, you drink, you smoke. How can you be loving GOD”

Shocking that we as women will judge other women concerning their relationship with GOD.

Oddly enough, the yoga community is just the same; it is about how many poses you can do, how good you look in lululemon leggings and so on.

Why do we do this to other people ?.

Is it that we are all looking for order in our lives ?.

Is it possible we are also looking for guidance, for someone to tell us how it is supposed to be because we don’t know?.

This week has taught me that the Yoga community can be kind and scary and that the religious communities can also be just the same.


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We are the ones who can choose how to show up for God and how we show up on the yoga mats.

God didn’t promise us an easy path, but he will answer when we call upon him.

Yoga is not easy and challenging, just like faith in God.

This week it was a challenge to be in my body, and as a practicing Muslim woman, let me say, doing yoga in full modest wear is challenging; I also fear that I am not being good enough at it all.

The mirrors in the classroom are still freaking me out, and I still have thoughts of “OMG…look at all that FAT”.

A kind yoga teacher reached out to me and told me to be kinder with my words. She’s spot on with that advice.

We all must be kinder with our words to ourselves and each other.

That’s it for this week. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

Have you struggled with being a part of a community ?.