Weigh-In Wednesdays: The Cheater in me…..

Week 4 of intermittent fasting.

20-hour fast with a 3 – 4 hour eating window.


Saturday was Eid, and I told myself I would break my fast when I wanted. I wanted to enjoy some sweets.

I went to one of my favourite bakeries and picked some savoury pizza-style pastries.

Anything Pizza related is my weakness.

While I overate and got a tummy ache, I promised myself I would resume my fast, as usual, the following day.

Sunday came along, and I wanted those dam pizza bites.

So, I caved in and had them. This time, I noticed that I was cheating on my new eating style, but this was also the cheater in me.

I am not a stranger to skipping out on a workout or meal prep.

I won’t flake on someone else, but I will do it to myself.

Having the extra cookie in my day won’t kill me; it won’t make me depressed. What will bother me is that I said vows to myself and I will love and protect myself.

Parting of loving myself is being honest, showing up and admitting when I have wronged myself.

This weekend I cheated on my intermittent fasting for two days.

As much as self-compassion is essential. I have to be a monster at times to myself to get my act together.

This brings me to something else that’s on my mind this week.


No one gains weight just because; no one becomes exceptionally skinny just because.

How we eat has a lot to do with our emotions. Emotions that you might not even be aware of.

Your body is so intelligent that it will transform as a sign of protection.

You might suddenly notice someone gain weight to find out they went through a nasty divorce, and Mr.Ex is dating someone much thinner and much younger.

Or you might know of someone who was sexually assaulted, and that trauma is now being stored in her body, and her body will lose weight if that is what the mind knows to be, not sexy or beautiful.

Furthermore, if someone gains or loses weight over time due to an addiction, that is just a byproduct of a person’s trauma.

Sometimes we can be dealing with a hidden message from grade school.

The point is: don’t judge anyone, and yes, I know that is hard, but I do it all the time; but these days, I am trying to be less judgy and more aware.

If you are struggling with your body, ask your body some inventory questions like

“What do you need from me” “what are you trying to tell me.”

Maybe getting a therapist who deals with body image can help on your journey.


I have not weighed myself, to be honest. I stopped weighing when I saw that I did not lose anything other than the 3 lbs.

I am about three days away from my period and will not dear step on the scale.

It would be best if you never stepped on the scale while in or close to your cycle.

I resumed fasting and prepared overnight oats and lots of green-based salads. I am keeping it simple and more nutritious this week.

Adding two yoga flows to my list of things to get done this week.

When I make a list, I am more inclined to complete it.

That’s it for this week.

Pizza looks so dam good.

Love You Guys.

“From my shadow and light to your shadow and light, Salam.”

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