I am no stranger to self-help books, and I often remember the story that Mark Manson mentioned in his book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck,” about a woman who was very well-read yet still very miserable.

I think at times; I might also be just like this lady.

I can tell anyone how they can sort of fix their problems and give the best advice, yet I am stuck in my own life.

I am feeling like a lost puppy, searching for a forever home.

Our life is not fixable by a “book.”

It’s much more complicated than that.

I recently stopped therapy and put myself on a Self-help book band.

I feel like I am overloaded with information.

I am reading on addiction, psychology, money, healing trauma, spirituality, Islam and mindset.

Oh, F*ck, it’s too much.

I think right now, the book I will reread is Courage by Ryan Holiday or Mark Manson’s book. Other than that, I need a mental break from figuring it all out.

My brain feels like it’s overloaded, and it might burn up and explode.

Not to mention, buying books costs money, so no more buying books for me this year when I have like 15 unread books on my kindle/bookshelf.

But have you ever just felt like you need to take a break from it all. You are not meant to figure it all out, or it’s just too overwhelming?

I am taking this break from reading as an act of surrender.

Let go and Let God.

In the meantime, I should learn to keep a meditation habit daily.

How was your week?.


  1. I took a reading break and am slowly cracking my books open. I don’t buy any books though – only library e-books for free! I try to load up my kindle with 2-3 great titles and switch it to Airplane mode. They can linger there for as long as I want. No auto return until I sync.

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