I am not looking forward to my training.

It’s strange to say this, but I was excited and ready for the training three years ago. Then, Covid happened, and things didn’t go as planned.

The more it got put off by the circumstances, the more I took a step back.

Now I feel like I am going to the training to get it done and over with. I don’t have the spark I used to have for Yoga like I once did.


I don’t know how to put it, but the essence I once got from yoga slowly started to die when I began to follow yoga influencers.

When BLM became everyone’s point of focus, I noticed that Yoga is dominated by white women, not just any sort of white women, skinny/slim white women.

Look, you can’t blame the whites for grabbing at a business idea and making money off of the brown. They have been doing it for years and have made themselves rich.

But still, how dear they right!!!

I don’t follow anyone who does yoga anymore cause the whole space has become toxic.

What is supposed to be used as a healing tool has now become a political platform.

Everything such as Kemmet Yoga taking the name yoga but refuses to acknowledge that yoga came from India.

We have cultural appreciation where south Asians want yoga to be respected, yet they ask you to accept the LGBTQ community whether you agree or not.

It’s fucking exhausting.

I saw one Yoga Teacher online line promoting body positivity, and again half-naked, no bra half of the time, and oh, she is also into a girl but has a boyfriend. (make up your dam mind, lady)

For the Love of God, please tell me why yoga teachers look like strippers ?.

I have nothing wrong with someone wanting to be gay, but don’t come at me with your confusion and spread it like dam covid …well this whole trans thing is a disease of the mind. (my personal view)


Do you know how many different yoga styles these white people have come up with?. Like, WTF, I can’t even keep up.

Yoga with dogs, Yoga with Beer, Yoga with Goats, and the list goes on.

Some yoga teachers are even repackaging the sequence and selling it as a new form of yoga. Honestly, the yoga business is very competitive, very WHITE, WOKE and too Liberal for my liking.

Pick up any yoga magazine or hop on to any yoga clothing website, and you will see that still, to this day, white people 97% of the time are represented while people of colour are lucky even to be featured.

Oh, why don’t they have modest yoga clothing ?…. ponder on that!

Yoga is not as inclusive as one may think.


I am going in with an open mind, hoping that the spark I once found with yoga will come back to me, or I hope I have the strength to finish the training and get certified.

I am not going there to make friends; I am going there because I paid a lot of money.

I want these next few weeks to be done and over with.

I think what I have been exposed to in the past and what is going on in the world now, makes me not interested anymore. I cannot conform to the agenda that seems to be pushed.

My Body is not ready

I will be very honest my body is not at all ready for this training.

I have tried to get ready, but I always put off my Yoga Practice because I prefer to meditate or read or anything but yoga. It makes me sad at times that I don’t have the love for Yoga as I once did.

Maybe it will change once my body gets back into it. We will see where this goes.