Weigh-in Wednesday; Eating my Feelings

Week 3 of intermitten fasting.

Saturday, I broke my fast as I usually do. I broke my fast with a salad; then I had dinner.

I was full after dinner, but I continued eating, searching for something sweet.

There it was, dark chocolate bark with almonds …BINGO!!!!

I ate what was left in the snack bag and drank some Kocobucha. I was totally full at this point, but nope I am missing something for sure. Maybe something salty.

There was this feeling of the void as I ate and filled my overstuff tummy. When I noticed the void, I put three more chips into my mouth and closed up my “eating my feelings” episode.

When my closing window was closed I could feel my overstuffed tummy, yet I was still yearning for more snacks. I didn’t want food or anything; I just wanted to munch, munch, munch all night long.

My mind has been crazy these past few weeks and I have not been meditating as I once used to.

I noticed that when I took out not eating during the day, my mind became louder.

Maybe I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to eat for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

I do not find fasting is helping my mood in any way, but I like that eating this way is much simpler, and I don’t have to fuss too much about what I am going to eat or where I am getting food.

I eat what I have, I break the fast with a salad and then I have lots of time to do whatever I want.

I choose dinner as my eating window as that is the time I like to eat at home and in peace. I no longer get frustrated by eating at my desk and seeing that I don’t have a lunch room where I work. I much rather eat at home with Sage (my pup) barking at me.

Eating my feelings is something I used to do unconsciously; now, I am consciously doing it.

I thought that after Saturday, I would have skipped Sunday and eaten my feeling all day Sunday, too, as I don’t have anything to do with my life; eating my feelings seems like a viable option.

I did go back on track, I broke my fast at 4 pm as I usually do, and I closed my eating window by 6 pm.

I didn’t have loads of guilt for eating the way I did on Saturday. I am fed up with always being so hard on myself and never being enough.

Weigh- in UPDATE

Honestly right!!! no weight loss this week and I did check, not even an ounce.

I would, at this point, tell this method of eating or diet to take a hike and resume too “trying to be okay” to always eating whatever I wanted and then getting mad at the weight I put on.

This time I am sticking with it; I am giving it my all and hoping it will work out.

Reasons for no weight loss

  1. Eating the wrong foods
  2. Not working out (I have a job where I sit on my ass all day)
  3. Stress (YUPPPPPP!!!!!!)
  4. Depression (YUUUUPPPPP AGAIN)
  5. Overeating

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