Moving forward with my blog, I will try my best to be honest with you.

There was a point in my blogging when I was researching to get more clicks and views; it turned out that nothing I was being told to do was working.

I also didn’t stay consistent with my blogging because, honestly, I had nothing interesting to write about; my writing style still needed work and nothing exciting happened.

My life is pretty much as dull as it can get.

Maybe that is the way I seem so depressed these days.

I can’t blame anyone for my blog not reaching the views I would like, but I am learning as I go.

I noticed the post that I did write when I was myself were the ones with the most views and likes.

So, while I try my best to improve my writing, my journey takes me in crazy ways with diet, living sober, reading and faith. I’ll take you along, revealing the parts of me I am most comfortable with.

To begin with, I reminded myself that I wanted to show the not-so-nice sides of healing as that is always overlooked, and no, you don’t need a trauma to Find God or heal; we all have moments of sadness, some a little more than others.

I have also not written on my blog about things that piss me off in the world, as I was afraid I might end someone.

But I am so tired of trying to fit in and trying for others to like me.

I am a mother that is missing her son every day (he lives far away)

I am a woman outraged that a man wants to be called a woman

I am a Muslim revert who is changing her life and not finding it easy.

I am a human who cries and pleads with God for the unhealed parts to go away, for my life to change more positively.

I am 39, and I wish I was married and settled. I fear that I will never get it right.

I am moving back home to Candad and starting from stach and I am freaked out like you can’t imagine.

I choose to live a sober life and I am now finiding the hidden challeges.

A lot is going on, but I want you to know that I am human and learning.

My intention with my new approach to this blog is to be transparent as much as I am comfortable with. Cause not everything that comes into my head is a great idea or needs to be shared.

Oh yes, and Yoga Training is back on in 2 weeks.

Thank you for sticking around; I appreciate you. Hopefully, with the right intentions, better content will be able to come out of my blog.

Love Always