For the past 15 +  years of my life, the urge to cover my hair has come upon me more than once. It’s like a nudge or gut feeling of some sort.

The first time this feeling came was when I was 14 and took myself to church.

I left religion behind a few years ago as I could not stand for the abuse in the Mosque I was going to.

When I got more into spirituality, meditation and healing, the feeling came again, but this time stronger. I am more into Spirituality and Islam (I belong to no group/Sec).

Acts of worship such as prayer and Meditation are what keeps me sane these days. It is what keeps getting me out of my depression.

Indeed, an atom of goodness on the path of faith is never lost.


The second time this feeling came on, I went on to YouTube to research what kind of women covered their hair, did they have to belong to a religious group, can they do it out of their own free will, and why does the media or certain countries have a problem with head covering ?.

Now at the age of 39, I am getting that nudge again that I should cover my hair. It’s more of a spiritual thing than anything else.

I was confident or almost sure that I wanted to cover my hair last year, so I logged on to and brought a few headscarves to add to my collection of scarves I already have at home.

I only cover my hair when I am in meditation and prayer; it’s almost like I want that state of mind with me all the time or as a reminder. Hence the reason I want to cover my hair besides in the act of worship.

This intense fear comes up with judgment from other people should I decide to put on my headscarves. But I must remember this is all in my head.

I have no idea what other family members or random people I meet on the streets might think or say to me.

To keep this blog short, I will not address these rules imposed by France, Quebec, and other places that have banned wearing a head covering. The topic is frustrating, and I need to do more research instead of saying things because I think they are wrong.

Head Covering is NOT Just for Muslims

Because I don’t want to offend anyone by covering my hair, I had to research why some women choose to cover their hair/heads.

Observation will always be one of my best resources for research.

When I got into yoga a few years ago, I noticed some Yoga Instructors and Meditation teachers covered their hair. This I saw with Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini head covering is primarily white or any shade of white. The colour white attracts prosperity, stimulates third eye energy, and provides positive energy. The style that is worn is a turban style.

Africa: Wearing a head wrap for Africans has a fashion and practical purpose. Besides protection from the sun, their head covering can mean various things such as ethnicity, wealth, mourning and Marital status.

Rastafarians cover their dread/head to show that they are a member of Bobo Shanti.

Amish wear a bonnet-type head covering.

Sikh men and women view the Dastar (turban) as an article of faith.

Judaism’s Practice of head-covering is related to modesty, known as tzniut.

Orthodox Jews use heading covering to show they are married and sign of modesty and spirituality.

Christian/Catholic covering is called veiling. Before the 18th Centenary, wearing a headscarf was considered customary for Christian women.

From these examples, you can see that covering one’s hair is not just for Muslim women; it’s been a practice going on for decades from all over the world and by many different women.


As I have mentioned, I have been contemplating covering my hair for the past years but more so over the past 2-to, three years.

As my spirituality grew, so did my desire to cover.

Through my research, all the religions I was exposed to had widespread grounds for the headscarf/Hijab/Headwrap.

Covering your hair/head was an article of FAITH, representing honour, self-respect, courage, spirituality and piety.


We live in a cancelled culture, and before I get cancelled before I make it, I wanted to make sure I was not overstepping on my desire to cover my hair.

Besides learning about all the different religions in the world that prompted the covering of your hair as a sign of faith, I wanted to know what religion has nothing to do with, and you want to cover your hair?

Blogs and YouTube have been beneficial in my quest to find out this answer.

Hute Hijab was one of the blogs I read that helped, answering questions from women who just wanted to cover their hair.

Wrapunzel was a youtube channel that I watched.

I also look at the different styles and how beautiful these women looked in everyday life with their hair not showing. I also saw no oppression.

Oppression seems to be one of the first thoughts when someone looks at a woman who has her hair covered.

For these women I viewed on youtube and heard their stories, there was no sign of oppression, but women boldly chose their spiritual path.

If you are like me and wondering, would you offend anyone by covering your hair with a headscarf/Hijab/Headwrap, the answer is no?

Who you would be offending is yourself? Your Spiritual quest should not go unanswered.

Thinking about what others think of you is something to work on; it’s something that you have to learn that no matter what you do in this life, there is always going to be someone that won’t like what you are doing, for your religion, your community or your spirit.

I was lost if I would start covering my hair; I am no longer lost.

I will do it, and yes, fear of other people is keeping me back, but I also know I must answer this calling.

What are you most afraid of doing for your Spiritual path right now ?.