Weigh-In Wednesday: Is Body Positivity Toxic?.

Jordon Peterson

If you have been absent from social media, I applaud you, but if you have been like me and let the Twitter feeds get under your skin, then welcome to the world of mental stress by default.

Note: Mr.Peterson, I doubt you will read this, but please don’t come at me; I am not up for a debate, and we all know you will beat me in any discussion.

JP “Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance will change that”.

This was a Twitter post by Mr. Jordon Peterson.

Mr. Peterson is famously known for being outspoken and very good at debates.

When I saw the cover of Sports Illustrated, I was like, “okay, plus size girl has made it; who is she, and why didn’t they choose a better fitting bathing suit? They could have at least made her boobs look a bit nice”.

I was not appalled by the photo. I was shocked to see someone I follow for interesting content make a bold statement about a woman’s body.

Mr. Jordon Peterson is a well-known influencer, but he is also a clinical psychologist.

Now, how can a trained psychologist make such a statement like that? He must have been aware of his audience, and I am sure he knows about the mental and eating disorders that are on the rise and that a comment like that can make a few women feel very insecure and get worse when it comes to eating disorders.

In my honest option, that was an idiotic comment. It was harsh, it was damaging, and it was somewhat the truth.


Photo by Roberto Hund on Pexels.com

Last year when I wanted to get more into a healthy relationship with my body, I started to follow some accounts on Instagram.

My goal was to be at peace with my body. I was in search of women who were plus size like myself (I am a size12).

I thought that if I got inspired by these women, I could somehow fall in love with my body.

Tuns out that Body Positivity can become toxic and make you gain weight.

The community is also not so kind to more prominent women trying to get healthy or lose weight; somehow, this takes away from being Big and Beautiful.

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

Lizzo was one of the people I followed on social media until I had to unfollow her and just enjoyed the music she created.

I noticed a lot of this “body positivity” was women bearing it all. It gave the impression of feeling liberated; you need to strip down and show the world you are proud of your chubby, cellulite body.

There was even a white woman I followed, and she was overcoming an eating disorder but had loads of cellulite, and most of her reels were her juggling her butt to show you how “real” she is and how Instagram posts can be fake, that “real women” have jiggles and “cellulite.” What this woman didnt know was that she was coming off as a dam show off, or maybe I felt threated by this small framed white woman.

dddPhoto by Damian Barczak on Pexels.com

Why do you never hear about the real reasons a person is overweight when they promote being “Body Positive,” and what about the person who got over an eating disorder and is not the perfect size 4?

Does Miss size 4 have a right to promote body positivity when all the other women want to be her size now, and why is the Chubby girl always on a diet promoting a juice cleanse and still chubby?

These were questions I asked myself when I would look at some of the Instagram feeds.

We don’t ever get the full background story of these women. We never get to hear the whole truth about full-figured women as to why they are that big in the first place.

I can tell you why I am big, and I am still a 12 when I should be a size 8. My ass is lazy, and I have poor eating habits. I also used to binge eat, and last year was a combo of binge eating and drinking, oh wait and smoking for the past decade. Another reason is my lack of resources in terms of food and good nutrition. As a single person, I eat what I can, what is convenient and cheap.

The messaging behind “Body Positivity” is confusing and very toxic.

Confusing in the sense that you will see pictures of women eating Pizza and giving you the impression that these foods are good; they feel good and fun.

I assume the message they are trying to have you receive is that it’s okay to have a burger or pizza, that you don’t have to be so hard on yourself.

What happens is that the photos become appealing and somewhat inviting.

I remembered when I was a little girl, and they had a commercial for the super bowl with a woman eating a hamburger and dipping her french fry in ketchup; I thought that was the sexiest thing, and I wanted to eat a burger just like the skinny white girl I saw and feel just as sexy as she looked.

Somehow promoting “Body Positivity” also went hand in hand with promoting “Bad Eating Habits.”


Photo by Jennifer Enujiugha on Pexels.com

According to my BMI, I need to lose 15 lbs. Growing up, I always struggled with weight, and in my teens, I also developed this binge eating thing and then I will go on extreme diets.

It’s only now that I am 39 that I have gotten my act together and been accountable for what I eat, don’t eat and how much I work out. I also suffer from depression and managing my mental health can seem like a full-time job on most days.

All my life, I wanted to look like someone else. I wanted to wear nice clothing, eat good food and do yoga.

The only thing is I do all those things in a size 12 body.

Six years ago, I was 200 lbs and lost 50lbs. You would think that me putting on just a little covid weight is no big deal you would think of 166 lbs; I would still be okay.

The truth is, I am not okay with my body; I have never been.

Has the media influenced the way I look at myself? Absolutely

Mr. Petersons’ comment and the ones that followed and cheered him on by being a bully to this plus-size model were hurtful, it was painful to read, and I knew at that moment that no matter what size a woman is, it will never be enough in anyone’s eyes, no matter how confident you feel someone else will think you are looser.

And since when does a man get to decide what we deem as beautiful? since the beginning of time when we allowed them to.

The sad truth is that we have been so programmed into thinking skinny is so beautiful that we who are also plus size also find Big as NOT beautiful.

I understand that we need a space for all shapes and sizes, and trust me, I wish they would hire someone to design clothing for “REAL WOMEN with CURVES.”

I understand as a bigger person that I do want to see more representation of myself on screen and on social media.

However, believe it or not, being a size 12 is not a representation in the Media; it’s either skinny or Obese.

The harsh truth is that we are still not comfortable with the Plus Size people; we are still looking at these body image issues and figuring out what is right or wrong.

Photo by Roberto Hund on Pexels.com

I wish they would make healthy foods more available for us to eat, Free health care and mental health care.

I wish that Fat Shaming wasn’t a thing, and I want to, for once, as a woman, finally feel safe and comfortable in my body.

By the way, have you noticed how Celebrities lose weight when they make more money? Do you think this has to do with the image or better access to healthy foods, trainers, and therapists?

Allowing Plus Size models in a magazine is not a dam political thing unless we are trying to promote getting fat and dying.

Also, please keep in mind that struggling with body image issues is a real thing, but also, we need to be accountable to ourselves first before anyone else.

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