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Are Women the Future of Religion

Religion; is the belief in and worship of superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

Spirituality: is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul instead of material or physical things.


Women have been suppressed for decades in the form of culture and the sake of religion.

Over the past decades, women have made massive improvements in reshaping how we look at the world and certain religious groups.

As with anything that involves change and growth, it has come as challenging for some women to be a new face for religion, and some have taken God out entirely and just focused on other spiritual forces.

For these brave women, they are showing and paving the way for future women to be leaders no matter their faith or Spiritual Practice. Women are bold, but it will take another 100 + decades for women to be the face of religion.

Given what’s happening in the world, a woman taking on that task of being a faith leader has her work cut out for her as we are still living in a male-dominated world.


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As a woman who has been around the block regarding religion, I left many regions for one essential thing. I did not see myself (female) represented.

The other reason many other women and I left religion were as follows.

 I did not feel like I belonged, and there were way too many rules for me to follow.

The community was not welcoming.

It didn’t make sense to me.

I did not feel comfortable going to a man about my spiritual troubles.

The culture was confused with religion.

Spirituality was missing.

Not enough education.

I am feeling oppression.

I felt dirty on my period.

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your myth.” – Rumi

Lack of Representation of women in Religion


I became a Muslim in 2016 and then left my religious practice behind, all while still coming back to Islam for prayer and in times of hardship.

I took my time to explore spirituality, metaphysics, Law of Attraction, New Age WOO WOO and even did some research on witches.

One of the reasons I left Islam was the lack of support from the community, and I did not feel welcome as a female.

Going into a mosque and being divided and treated less than was not something I was comfortable with, which was all foreign to me.  

Women need to feel included and a part of the conversation, which was a missing piece regarding religion.

Have you ever noticed that all the Saints are Male and all the essential roles in Religion are given to men and not women?



Where do I even start with New Age Spirituality?

Well, let’s say all women are welcome. Just come with an open mind.

Women find joy in these spaces where they can have a healing circle, crystal Yoni Eggs activating their sacral chakra, smudging sage and chanting mantras, invoking a goddess and much self-help.

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Women can lose the religious dogman and be free and wild as she pleases, bare it all for anyone to see, or she can cry and not be shamed for it and dance for the sake of joy. Women can be free.

The Woke Spiritual Woo Woo world can seem fun, sometimes offensive, and embracing.

With anything in life, we have a positive and negative


In the New Age Circles, ancient traditions such as celebrating seasonal solace, incorporating other religions in practice such as Hindu and Buddhist chants, chakra healing, astrology, tarot cards, and phycology.

The positive part of this New Age WOO WOO world is that it gives you some self-power; you don’t have ONE god; you may have many, and a connection to Mother Earth is your primary source of Divine connection.

You can choose how you want to be presented in this world; you own your power as a woman and embrace pain as a welcome visitor.

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Things can get a bit crazy, and don’t be surprised if you lose money in the New Age WOO WOO world. The marketing that is used is brainwashing.

While you might feel uplifted for a short period, stuffing Crystals in every corner of your room, you will also feel like you need to buy stuff, trying to keep up with “feeling good” or be spiritual.

Have you ever noticed how expensive chakra bracelets are or anything to do with spiritual healing?

I felt like more crap staying too long in the woo-woo world, and the only thing that got me out of my misery and understanding was my way back to Islam.

I took some wisdom from the woo world with me, the ones that work.

The negative aspects of the New Age outweighed the positive, which is why I couldn’t find a home there.

Kid, you not, my way back to Islam was so welcoming this time around. It had to do with the perspective that I had changed when introduced to new age wisdom.


What I did take away from the New Age WOO WOO world was my ability to daydream. I am a Pisces, so you can imagine this gift came naturally.

I also took away a longing to belong to a group of women and found that they had more women’s groups/circles than they did in Religion.

It didn’t matter your race or faith; all were welcomed. You can go to a shaman ceremony, and you will be accepted no matter what.

New Age WOO WOO gave me hope that I could be something more than I am. But it also left me feeling empty and exhausted with all the new modalities that keep popping up. I also felt this pressure to heal fast.

I would imagine it might have been so many things that I focused on the inside that never included GOD.

I could have summoned a Goddess or tried to embody the very thing I wanted. But I always felt something was off, so NEW AGE WOO WOO is sort of me, but not all the way.

The balance of New Age and Religion is more my style, and I am still learning as I go.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”




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In recent years we have seen the role of women and Religion change.

We now have Rabies, ministers, pastors, Gurus and Imams that are women.

We have Muslim women now taking a stand and opening their mosques. If you grew up going to a Mosque, you would know this is a big deal for a woman to say the Adhan (call to prayer) and lead the prayer service.

While with anything that involves changes and women taking control, there is also a big uproar from both men and women telling us that this type of change is wrong and a disgrace to the religion.

For years, we women sat back and watched men become so-called “spiritual.” In contrast, we women suppressed are longing for God/The Devine; we stopped the part of us that wants to be part of the solution and not the problem.

Some of us got physically sick out of this madness of a man being glorified, acknowledged and heard. While we sat there wishing God would see us, hoping we too could reach that level of spirituality.

In his book, Etchart Tole, “THE POWER OF NOW,” notes that women are, in fact, more spiritual due to their ever-changing cycle.

If we as women birth life into this world, don’t you think we can do and have more magic in us than we can be just as close to GOD as men can.

I, for one, felt disconnected and more petite than when I went to particular religious groups, and even when I took on the WOO WOO world, there were more male spiritual writers than they had females.

I never got to hear what god feels like, what good love is in the form of a female speaker, until I looked for it.

One of the first books that came into my life was “The return to love” by Merriam Williamson, other books that followed was Louise Hay, whose book helped me out so much in watching the way I speak; she’s known as the Pioneer for Affirmations.

When I was going through a hard time, I sought out a Muslim female author’s book, “Reclaim your heart,”’ and most recently, I read “The Devine Secret of Love” by A Helwa.



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 Throughout my journey and as a woman with deep maternal wounds, I need women in my life; I need women I can look up to, women whom I can go to for advice, women I can learn from, and women whom I can feel safe around, and women whom I can call my tribe.

I grew up with very little motherly support, and having girls’ friends was hard.

I only had male friends into my teenage years, and now, as an adult, I seek friendship from women as I have grown to know that sisterhood is essential at this point in my life.

I never thought how important it was for women to be present in Religion until I went to an Iman for guidance, and his response was too cold and lacked empathy and understanding.

I feel more comfortable with a female Imam (Muslim Spiritual Leader)

There is a particular type of healing when you put a group of women together. I am not sure how to put it into words, but when you put women together with the sole intention is to heal, be kind and offer support, it’s a specific type of divine magic that happens.

Women are changing religion, women are changing society, and profound things are happening.

But what I have learned is that whatever path you take in life as a woman, let it be yours, let it be your story, not someone else.

 Your connection to God is your truth no matter what religion you choose.