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I have been sitting on this post for some time, and I don’t care if I lose my readers. I am not only frustrated but I am also hurt and fed-up.

“Straight women do not have any rights” AND “oh shit; I am also a woman of colour” This is the message I am getting every time I open up my Twitter and Instagram.

Instagram, I can control what I see, but not Twitter and YouTube.

I do not condone anyone throwing hate on anyone.

But I wish the LGBTQ community thought about us straight women before taking over, before forcing things down our throats. I hope they understand that it is offensive for a transgender person EVER to call themselves a woman.

I was born a woman and will die a woman; I was made this way. There is no way you can now deny me of my birthright; I AM a WOMAN.


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Before Ketanji Brown, Jackson was elected as Supreme Justice and was quoted as praised as “we made history.”  Which, by the way, we did not make history. I will get back to this in a bit, but let’s look at what took place in women’s sports, shall we?

The guy who decided to take hormone therapy and was not doing so well as a male swimmer is now competing in a female team and won FIRST PLACE.

Leah Thompson is his name.

When I heard this, every fibre in my being was enraged. I watched how other female swimmers were not for this, and only a few were willing to speak out.

I feel like we are being silenced, us straight women. no one is speaking loud enough for us, and no one is hearing us.

It’s not fair that a man can decide to take drugs and compete with women.

We have gender-based sports for a reason, men and women are built differently, and this hurts like no other, but God forbid if we speak because if we do, we are labelled homophobic and transphobic. What this community is doing is being a bully to us straight women who disagree with their agenda.  

How can we have peace if they are unwilling to hear the other side, the same F*CKING side they want to be on? They want to come in and call themselves women, and that is not right. (Gosh, I promised myself I was not going to swear in this post)

In February 2022Vicky Hartzler, a Republican Senate candidate in Missouri, featured Thomas in a campaign advertisement asserting that “Women’s sports are for women, not men pretending to be women,” which was described by CNN as “a transphobic trope belittling trans women.”

Mainstream media, which I think most of my generation has stopped watching, is making it worst but not giving straight women a voice.

Men tell me how to be or what to say everywhere I turn. They say that oppression happens in another part of the world; nope, oppression is happening right in front of our eyes in the west.

We are just so scared now, to speak.

If women thought they had NO freedom 100 years ago, imagine I now live in a world where I would be cancelled, bullied, and even sent death threats if I speak my mind.


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Now, back to Ketanji Brown Jackson. The first black woman to be Supreme Court Justice.

Biden twitted, “She is one of our nation’s brightest legal minds and will be an exceptional Justice.

I remembered watching Miss Jackson fumbling to answer a simple science question, “what is a woman.” My heart was breaking inside for her own. Who must have put this lady there to make her look like a clown? Why did they choose a Black Woman to make a fool of? Does she know what a woman is? She went to school.

As Miss Jackson rumbled some more on her words and never answered. I felt my insides feel dark, almost like a scared child.

I told myself that the world was changing, and there was no room for women anymore.

Women are no more; we don’t matter; we don’t exist.

I felt humiliated for Miss Jackson to look so stupid in front of a nation, and I felt sorry for all the women who thought that her being elected was Justice or history being made.

She looked like someone’s pond piece, like something part of an agenda to remove the straight woman’s voice.


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I recently watched a clip of Candis Owens explaining that soon most parents will have to homeschool their kids. Well, if she was referring to the vaccine, she was right, but there is another reason that parents will now take their kids out of school.

They are teaching grade 3 students about sexual orientation.

This doesn’t seem right what is going on; this is not right that they have taken it so far as to go after our kids.

Here’s the thing LGBTQ,

some straight women are not homophobic, but we have a religion, and we love you. Still, we also don’t understand you; we feel extremely uncomfortable around you, almost like you are a pervert or pedophile. Yes, I put you in that category for forcing your ways on us, for trying to take control over our kids.

I know using words like pervert and pedophile is harsh, but so is homophobic, and so is cancelling REAL WOMEN out of everything.

I don’t want another human to suffer abuse, but what is going on now in this world is the abuse of women.


I have been sitting with this question for some time now; I think back on everything I thought I knew about women’s rights until I discovered that women were walking around tired and numb.

We have a women’s movements that promote the LGBTQ community, and I told my sister once that I have to stop calling myself a Feminist because I do not support the agenda for the LGBTQ community; I don’t feel comfortable with all this change.

First, I was unfamiliar with gays and lesbians, then I understood their side and wanted to get married or have an everyday life where they could be SEEN, HEARD AND GIVEN RESPECT.

Look, I’ll be honest, it makes me uncomfortable to see them represented on TV and in movies; I am not 100 % okay cool with all this.

Being uncomfortable with this form of relationship does not make me homophobic. It just makes me uncomfortable.


My world is changing faster than I can keep up with. Just when I thought I had hope for my voice, my concerns to be heard, I am now silenced.

It’s not fair; it’s certainly not OK that a man can tell me he is a woman just as am I.

This frustration of a straight woman has been boiling inside me since Chris Jenner, now known as Katlyn Jenner, won woman of the year.

Come on, women, wake up. We are not being treated fairly, and if this LGBTQ community stops for a moment to let us straight folks catch up, educate us and let us come to some understanding, maybe there will be peace.

We can’t just one day wake up and go around changing the way we speak, and no, we most certainly CAN NOT change what a woman is.


We, as humans, are never going to agree on anything. Nope, that will never happen unless we all become brainwashed.

We will always have war with race, gender and now being straight. We will have fights on the economy, and we will have wars on drugs.

We have to understand that other people suffer because of our own choices.

It’s not fair that women have not progressed in time, but to be fooled into thinking we did and now to be told we are not women or no longer be able to be called women, that now we have to share that title with a man. (F*********Y******)

I know this post is all over the place. I have just had enough of this bullshit. The more I see what is taking place, the more frustrated I get.