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“Some bridges need to be burned to the ground.”

Melissa Mohan

I never agreed with the saying that you shouldn’t burn a bridge in case you need to walk it someday. Of course, I understand what the quote says, but I am not in total agreeance with it.

What happens when someone has hurt you so much or caused so much pain in your life? Then what?.

If someone is causing you pain, you need to walk away. I don’t care if this person is a parent, sibling or spouse.

You do not need to stay in any relationship that is not serving you.

This also applies to jobs. You should let anyone or any company have the right to abuse you and get away with it, you should not allow pain to be your default, and you should not ever think it’s okay to be used, disrespected, shamed, in any way.


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Over the past few years , I have been letting go of people in my life due to them causing me hardship in some way; one was an ex I was speaking to, thinking to myself that forgiving him meant I could talk to him, and ignore the abuse he put me through. I don’t need to ever speak to anyone who has put their hands on me.

Maybe I am to blame for my loneliness, but in all honesty, when you start to heal parts of yourself, you see people differently, the ones that are harmful to your growth, and you all know where they have harmed you.

You get a certain level of maturity from pain and being active in your healing.

You know that they don’t belong in your life anymore, and close the door.

Some doors remain a bit ajar that one day you know you’ll get back to when the time is right, and then there are some you just close shut and put about five bolts on.

Some people don’t belong because you have changed, you have a clearer understanding of what and who you are, and most importantly, you know where you are going. You are not so lost anymore.


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The need to run away from Trinidad and my job comes in like flood gates every Monday morning.

Recently my anxiety is coming in on a Sunday night, leaving me with no sleep and unrested. Not such a great start-up for the week ahead.

Yesterday, a friend told me that your acne might be due to stress. Yeah, no shit, dude.

As a person who advises on healing and stress, I am in a position where I have no answers for myself besides taking a leap of faith.

I keep thinking about all the responses I got from Twitter concerning leaving a toxic job, and most said they trusted the Universe/God.

I have to trust that something will work out for me, that I will be able to leave this country and job behind.

I don’t want to look back when I leave, EVER.