Growing up, family members made fun of me for how I dressed. 

I would be told that I dress like a “Granny,” but this wasn’t because I was lost in any colour coordination or mismatched socks or bib-style blouses. NO, I will never do any of those things, and as for wearing miss-matched socks, EWWW.

I was made fun of because of my modesty, I wasn’t showing off the boobs, the butt cheeks, and my clothes have always been not too tight.

While I did go through a rebellious stage in my early teens, I always liked comfort.

Gosh, I remembered my dad telling my aunt, “She needs to dress more like a girl,” I knew that meant wearing more dresses.


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Now that I am approaching my forties, I have made it my goal and mission to get my fashion senses together.

No more only buying what’s on sale or wearing things that I HATE or feel awful in.

No more Yoga Pants when I am not doing Yoga, and No more trying to fit in. Well, maybe we can wear Yoga

Now that I have asked myself what is my fashion style?. My answer is modesty.

 I understand that if a woman chooses to show her chest area or expose her butt checks, it’s all up to her.

A woman should choose to dress how she wants and be mindful of her surroundings.


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I have never felt cute or sexy dressing half-naked. I have always been self-conscious about the way I look.

I am aware that some women will hide behind clothes, maybe wearing all black or loose-fitting clothing because there are very ashamed of problematic areas in their bodies.

Knowing that I am not alone in all the body-shaming issues and that I am forever on a weight loss journey, I asked myself what I wanted the last years of my life to look and feel like.

I love fashion and if given the perfect bank account, I will be shopping a lot more, trust me, because I have an eye for adorable things that are not cheap. THAT’S WHY I CHOOSE TO BUY WHAT I LOVE.  – Melissa Mohan

I want to feel feminine, confident, and pretty; I feel most feminine when dressed modestly. I feel pretty when I dress modestly, and I am more confident in my day-to-day task when I am dressed modestly.



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Dressing modestly is not as simple as you think. Depending on the woman you speak to, their answers will vary from religion, spirituality, status, personal style, profession, and relationship status.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to modesty.

I asked my cousin, who also shares the same desire to dress modestly, what was her reasons.

This was her answer.

I feel very much in my feminine by dressing modestly.  I have, through the years, increasingly covered more and more. I have arrived at this current point in time where I feel the sexiest because it genuinely aligns with how I want to self-express in this body at this moment.

I have seen both sides of feminine power and feminine essence. Growing up as a child, very chubby and feeling very unseen and judged for my appearance, and then growing into a teenager and into my early 20s where I showed a bit more skin, I felt very objectified by men.

I am not opposed to others dressing immodestly; however, in a culture that promotes objectification, currently facing an epidemic of low self-esteem among young girls and women because we are expected to attain a false sense of beauty often portrayed by women in media. This breathes an environment of competition amongst women and a need to seek validation from men to feel beautiful, valuable and worthy. This is toxic femininity.

Dressing modestly for me is an honouring of my femininity. It’s respecting her power; she does not chase nor seek validation of her worth from another. It’s having fun with being a little mysterious. It knows that this body is my sacred vessel, and not every man gets the gift of seeing me on full display.


No, I am not hiding behind my modesty attire, but I am protecting myself from unwanted attention by dressing the way I do.

At the end of it all, how a woman dress is up to her, and how she feels most confident is also up to her.

Yes, they have social pressure that pushes women to show off more skin, and I find it hard to understand this.

I don’t think we live in a world where it is safe for women to dress half-naked without being judged or at risk for assault.

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