Empowering is a strong word, and some days, I have no idea what it means, but these past few weeks, I have been in a funk.

It’s easy to get stuck and start having a pity party; it takes courage and bravery to tell yourself, this is enough; I have to change.

We are in a toxic positivity culture right now, but I firmly believe that our anger, frustrations, and procrastination will serve a purpose for us if we let it.

Being self-aware is critical; you will be your best cheerleader once you have this skill.

You won’t be searching for motivation in the form of a drink, drugs, food, shopping, sex etc.

With all the Empowerment and Positivity that is being forced on us, I wonder if I should have even made the book list for the blog.

Right now, some of us, including myself, seem to be going through some awakening or might be struggling for some answers that might be staring right back at us.

I have had enough with my job to the point that I feel like walking away right now, but that will be irresponsible of me to up and leave.

When frustration sets in for me, I tend to doubt my abilities. I can get very down on myself and very self-critical to the point that anything I start doesn’t get completed out of fear of failure or other people’s thoughts.

All five books that have made it onto my list this year give you the same message “do not give a hoot what anyone thinks of you and go after what you want.”

Cara Alwill will give you the motivation to get that fire started.

I have read this book and highlighted many parts to keep as reminders to myself.

In a world where most are trying to be like everyone else, she encourages you to be your authentic self.

Look no further if you need a Bootcamp for your life if you want someone to tell you like it is.

Do not pick up this book if you quickly get offended and sensitive to the “F” word. If, on the other hand, you are all fine and can sit with a bit of truth-telling, and call yourself out on your bullshit, then this book is the right one for you.

Jen Sincero does a beautiful job reminding us that we are great, that we can stop with the bull-shit of doubting ourselves and step into living.

 YOU ARE A BADASS  is perfect if you are looking for Motivation and Inspiration.

It’s a bit WOO WOO but go for it if that’s your vibe.

This book will always stay with me, and I often go back to the stories to remember that at any given moment, my life can change.

Lori Gottlieb was brave when she wrote this book. Not only is she a therapist, but she goes to see a therapist after a break-up.

She will take you through her thought process and how she handles being a single mom by choice.

She will let you into the lives of her clients, how each story is very different.

Yet, the need to be seen, heard and belong is like a hidden woven sting that attaches to us all.

Ryan Holiday is known for his wisdom in Stoic Philosophy; he knows how to break down stoicism for easy understanding.

Late last year, I got into reading and watching his YouTube channel.

Like other forms of therapy, I added Stoic Philosophy as a healing tool.

I run at times with my emotions, sometimes having sleepless nights over analyzing things that have happened or never happened; I had a problem with the need to control my life and feelings. In being discombobulated with my feelings, I let my mind rule me instead of being the other way around.

Courage is calling will allow you to take a look at fear, write the job if you have to, leave the toxic relationship; it will enable you to look fear in the eye, see it for what it is and go after what you truly desire.

This is the perfect book to get you thinking and bring whatever holds you back to the light.


Look, I realize that healing can be tuff, it can suck, and it will more than likely kick your ass at some point.

If you take the time to look at your shadow side, all the parts about yourself that you hate or with you can fix, you will get answers.

Don’t expect this world to be kind or nice to you and the world does not own you a dam thing.

However, you are expected to level up; you are expected to be the best darm person you can be for yourself and give your life some meaning.

It is not okay to play small when you know you have potential.

It is not okay to abandon your responsibilities. Become a monster, as Jordon would say.

Don’t give up!

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