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Over the years, I have come across a few people whose favourite thing to say is “I know.”

When I got into self-development, I noticed if I used “I know” or if others used it.

Here is what I noticed,

I cannot use “I know” as a response. I will listen more or ask a bunch of questions.

When others use “I know” as a default response. They are more than likely “don’t know,” “have low self-worth, afraid of being wrong, or just being silly.

As a small company manager, nothing frustrated me more than telling someone to do something, and the response is “I know.”

In my mind, I am cussing because, if you already know, why am I explaining myself for the 20th time.

When your default response is “I know,” you become unapproachable; you appear as a “know it all,” pain in the ass, and sometimes cocky.

Try replacing “I know” with the following.

  • This is interesting, can you explain that to me one more time, please.
  • Okay, that is very nice.
  • Wow, did that happen?
  • I heard that happened today; what is your take on it.

One tool to remember, when you are dealing with a work setting, it’s best to send the attention back to the other person.

You learn more by observing.

Not getting it all at once is not the point in business and life.

You are here to learn about the life, not to know it all.

STOP saying, “I know.”