Becoming a better reader is easy, but it might not seem like it if you are anything like some folks I have helped become better readers.

When I ask family members around me why they don’t read, I am often hit with the responses like “I don’t have time for that,” reading is so boring,” I don’t like to read, I did too much of it in school,” it’s not my thing.” 

I find reading to be magical, informative, life-changing, relaxing and sometimes I need a break from having information overload. This mostly happens with self-development books. 

I like to mix up my reading with self-development and fiction.  

Here’s a secret, if you buy a book for someone and that book was meant for them, they will read it. Just not when you had expected them to. 

Melissa M.


Reading is not limited to holding a book in your hand. Like, come on now, we have Wi-Fi and thank goodness for that. 

When it comes to the various ways of reading books, technology has come a long way. 

I have owned a Kindle for the past ten years now, and for a while, I was not using it as I had upgraded to an iPad, then I have a laptop, and then there is audio. I went back to using a Kindle when the pandemic started as the amount I was reading increased, and I wanted something just for reading. (this was a personal choice) 

If you own a cell phone, you are all set and not to worry about all the fancy gadgets I just mentioned. 

Having a cell phone will allow you to read books via listening and reading on your phone. 

Listen, reading is knowledge, and no one can take that from you; reading is exploring different parts of you that have been unseen, don’t deny yourself of a great book.

Melissa M.


You can check my last blog post on creating a habit. Forget New Year’s Resolutions: DO THIS INSTEAD

One of the best ways to get in some reading is picking out a time in the day when you dedicate 10 mins to the task. 

I love to listen to an audiobook while getting dressed for work and my car ride on the way to work. 

For reading on my kindle or the physical book. I love to be in my bed under my blankets. I like to read before bed, and I give myself 20 mins each day if I can, and if the book is excellent, I can have a hard time putting the book down. 

Over time you will become a better reader as you increase the time you read and explore books you enjoy. 


The only way I will be reading all night is because the book is dam good. I will not lose sleep over a book that I do not like. 

I also do not continue to read a book that I do not like; I don’t care how much hype the book has gotten; I will not continue to read something that I am not enjoying. 

Becoming a better reader will require you to seek out books you enjoy.

Did I not mention that reading a blog is also considered reading? (woohoo!!!!) 


Your reading environment will either make you a better reader or will make you quit reading.

Having the right environment for making you a better reader will all fall into creating a new reading habit. 

If you know you will fall asleep in bed if you try to read, then maybe reading in bed might not be a great option. 

I cannot read when I am being interrupted; it’s like a pet peeve for me. I get annoyed and can’t be bothered trying to read if someone or something like my cell keeps interpreting me.

You are trying to find the environment that works for you. Maybe you like listening to an audible while you’re at the gym or out for a run, perhaps you want to read right after prayer and meditation in the morning, maybe you have a reading nook that you can set up with cozy cushions, or possibly chilling out at a coffee shop is where you get the most reading done. 

The environment matters when it comes to becoming a better reader; you will want this place to be a place you want to frequent often. 


Book Clubs are great at getting you on your feet with reading more often. They have discussion and meet-up groups online and in-person; they also have book clubs that send you a gift with the book, which I think is relatively cool. 

What if you are shy or don’t have time to engage with all the bookish folks in the book club?. Well, you have options like Reese’s Book Club, Oprah’s Book Club and Book of The Month. 

You can also check out amazon for public books clubs, and Instagram is full of bookish clubs. 

You don’t have to engage with anyone, but just read what they are all reading. 


There you have it—five tips on becoming a better reader in 2022. 

Just remember if you read just 10 mins a day, “You are a READER.” 

Let me know how you like to read? 

Where do you like to get your reading done? 

What book are you currently Reading? 

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