Weigh–In Wednesday: Body Shaming

17/02/2022 Weight 161.3lbs

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I did not lose much weight this week and you know what, it didn’t bother me as much as the RUDE man that made me angry by telling me nothing, but by hearing what he said to another woman.

Before I get into this Asshole of a customer, let me recap the week concerning my health journey.

Sleep-deprived and no meal prep left me eating take-out. Oh, it was also Valentine’s Day.

I notice my tummy is more prominent, and I have no idea why and I wonder if it’s the “NO SMOKING,” but how can it be I am not eating more. Okay, honestly is the key to this post, right.

When I was on vacation, I did eat whatever and whenever I wanted, so maybe this is vacay weight or stress. I say stress because this is not an easy time, but I am in a transition phase in my life.

When I am faced with stress or being overwhelmed with thoughts, I give myself compassion.

Compassion was my tool of choice.

Writing down a meal pre-plan for myself this week is the key to keeping me on track with my health journey. I will go shopping and buy things I know I will eat and use. (Planning is KEY here)

I am in the state of mind where I feel like I should be manifesting something big, so keeping my vibe up is my top priority this week. I didn’t care too much about the take-out, didn’t care to go in mind loop of being hard on myself.

FYI you need to try Fried Tofu

Now, let’s get to the Asshole that came into my office, and I say he’s an asshole because he rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe he is an asshole, and I need to send him some healing energy.


Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

I am no stranger to family members and locals’ body-shaming me or telling me how fat I am.

I have been criticized about my body since I was ten years old. As I got older, family members thought it was necessary to tell me how much weight I gained, and at one point, I had lost some, and they all thought I was sick.

At times, family members are nasty bullies and don’t realize it.

In the Trinidadian culture, they think it’s okay to tell you your fat, make fun of your weight or the way you look. Trinidadians are not the only one who does this, but it’s what I have been brought up with.

When I came back from my vacation and went to check up on granny, the first thing that came out of her mouth was, “you put on the size” (you have gained weight in Trini slang).

I brushed it off, but deep down, I am fed up with anyone thinking they have a right to judge my body.

Only I know what I eat if it’s a binge night from feeling sad or depressed or because I used to go on a starvation diet only to crash with exhaustion. Or how I carry a vast baby that left me with lots of loose skin, that I try my best with Yoga and get in cardio when I can, and I gave up F@ucking Mac n Cheese for years. (Giving up Mac n Cheese is a big F@cking deal).

I am tired of the Body Shamers!

Now to the ASSHOLE of the week.

A customer came into the office and whispered into my employee’s ear, “Fat Girl.” She did a pathetic laugh and said, “That’s not nice,” then she told me what he said.

 He had a grin on his face.

If I could punch him, I would have.

Look, not because I am a motivator of healing doesn’t mean I don’t want to punch people in my head.

Where did this Asshole of the week think it was okay to call a grown woman “Fat Girl”? Where did this man think it was okay to be body-shaming anyone?

Body-Shaming is disgusting, is hurtful and harmful.

If you are guilty of body shaming someone, please STOP it now.

You don’t know what someone else is going through.

I think what hurt me was seeing my employee suck it up; then, when the Asshole was gone, she said, “I know you would have been upset by what he said, but I am used to it, and it doesn’t. Bother me.” I call bullshit on her because no one would ever get used to total strangers just calling you “Fat Girl” out of the blue.

I shall pray for this Asshole of the week; I hope he never Bodies Shames anyone again in his life.

Let us all be kinder with our words and when it comes to other people’s bodies, mind your dam business.

We also have to realize that bullies also come in the form of adults who BODY SHAME us.

Love Always,


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