Photo by Sunsetoned on Pexels.com

09/02/22 My weigh-in this week is 163lbs. Total pounds lost 3.

Meal Prep was easy this week as my partner decided to surprise me with vegan meals and I had all the ingredients on hand for a bean chilli. I also discovered vegan mayo and let me just say “Yum”, like where was that when I was on a no meat cleanse last time and why didn’t my sister not tell me about this sooner. I swear the vegan mayo was like a best-kept secret.

On my last weight in, I noticed the chatter in my head telling shit about my body and I really had to nip that in the bud real fast.

I have loose skin from my pregnancy, I have stretch marks from pregnancy and yoyoing up and down with my weight all my life. (the struggle to accept my body is real)

I am also going to be 39, and as with life, I am aging.

I accepted the gray hair, I am tolerating the sore knee and yet still I am hard about the way my body looks.

I am not alone in this body image dilemma and I know lots of women out there are so sick because they have not accepted the way their body looks and feels.

The pressure is on for sure for us women. I really don’t see this issue ending anytime soon, but what is refreshing is that we have more women speaking out and loving where they are now with their bodies.

What I also learned this week is that Body Positivity is not just a women’s problem, men have this issue as well.

Maybe we need to be more mindful. Maybe it starts with us making changes in how the world sees our bodies.

Maybe self-acceptance starts with accepting our bodies just as it is ?.

It was a hit and miss for me this week trying new vegan products. So far I am loving Follow Your Heart Brand.

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