Weigh-In Wednesday’s: Meal Prep

Photo by Ella Olsson on Pexels.com

I didn’t weigh myself this morning, and in all honesty, I did forget. When I did remember I had already a very large cup of coffee.

I am following a Kickstart Programme to lose weight by Dr.Neal Bernard. The whole concept is no meat, no diary and no oil. Yes, a Vegan Diet.

I went through the book and knew right away that meal prep was the only way I was going to get by and knowing what foods I can eat, should I be in a situation where I can not prepare a meal or snack.

Meal Prep is not foreign to me, I just avoided it for years. Now that I am being a dam adult and getting serious about my health I want to feed my body right. Feeding my body right requires alot of work.

Here are some things I have learned about meal prep.

  • If you’re okay with eating the same thing every day for breakfast then make a big batch, if not make small batches that will last 3 days max.
  • keep it SIMPLE, I cannot stress this enough. You don’t need to make a fancy vegan meal you saw on YouTube, the less you have to worry about the more likely you will be able to enjoy the process.
  • plan ahead with your meals so your produce don’t go bad on you.
  • cook what you like to eat.
  • you need storange jars and bowls. Having your food organized, will make it easy to grab and go

So far, I have no complaints about the diet.

Confession Time

I have not made it to the gym. It’s Wednesday and I have been restless since I went back to work…Yeah, I think this is the point where I make up excuses as to why I did not go to the gym.

It just didn’t happen for me this week.

I am judging the way I look, and I am aware of it. It’s something I need to take my time and work on. I need to ask myself why such harsh words are in my head about my body image. It is someone else’s words I took as truth or is it my own?

See you next week with a weigh-in.

Living for LOVE,


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