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I tell you, when it comes to spending Holidays and Birthdays alone, I have truly mastered it.

Recently, I spent New Year Eve all by myself stuck in quarantine in Florida, years before that I was single and I spent every single holiday and birthday by myself. I am an expert at this point on being solo on days meant to be with others.

Of course spending special days by yourself is challenging. You may go into a funk about why you don’t have friends and come up with a top 10 list of why you suck as a human, and why the universe must not like you. Trust me, the thoughts are real, the tears are real and you overcome them like a fucking worrier for REAL.


So, life, as we know, is still not back to normal and you have to spend Valientines’s Day by yourself. First of all, please remind yourself it’s not the end of the fucking world (not yet anyways).

  • Second.

be honest with yourself. Maybe you are single, haven’t met anyone as yet or going through a break-up. What you need to do is acnkwlge to yourself that you would like a companion in your life. That yes you want to be in a relationship or yes you miss him/her.

Hiding our feelings from ourselves only suppressed them and they will just reak havoc on our minds and body. What is suppressed shows up in ways you might not like, so be gentle with yourself and acknowledge what emotions come on this day.

  • Third.

let’s go shopping !!! Lord help me I love any excuse to shop for my self these days…lol

I remember years ago when I was in a very toxic relationship and I knew deep down that this fucker was not going to buy me anything and I was going to be aone on that day.

You know what I did, I went out and bought myself a cute ring with a heart on it. I bought myself Valentine’s gift for the first time. I still have the ring to this day. I don’t wear it often, but when I do come across it I am reminded of how special I am to myself. (I should let you know, since that year, I have always bought myself something relationship or not, Like I said I love to shop..who doesn’t)

Buying that ring told me that I was good enough to spoil myself, that I didn’t wait to be spoiled or show myself some Love on Valentine’s Day. I showed up for myself solo on Valentine’s Day and I was in a relationship. So come on, you can make this day work for you too.

Your purchase doesn’t have to be big or grand, it can be simple like flowers and maybe a good meal for yourself.

  • Four.

Pray. When you see the lady at work getting flowers from her husband and your wondering when will you ever get flowers delivered by your special someone, say a prayer and ask for what your heart wants, ask that the day go goes by with ease, be thankful for the loved one you have in your life even though they might be far or out of reach today. Praying will confront you, praying will help you get through V-Day.

  • Five.

Wear something that makes you feel love.

Valentine’s Day is for sure a day that is marketed with a lot of sexy lingerie. We often think we need to have someone to wear that for or we are not at the right size for it just yet. I say Fuck that! Wear something on Valentine’s Day that will make you feel love or sexy or both.

For me Love is also comfort, so I like putting on a comfy yet, flattering PJ’s. Sitting on the sofa wearing my nice perfume (sexy) and being on my sofa watching a movie or reading a good book, but that is me.

You can be different and want to wear lace panties to bed, eat chocolate coved strawberries and that might make you feel loved and sexy. Either way, get to know yourself and celebrate Your Solo Valintines’s day too.

Let me know how you like to send V-Day ?

Do you like Valientines Day ?.

Love Always,


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