You might have a book buying problem if you are anything like me. (let’s hope you are not like

Years will go by, and I would have piles of books on my bookshelf and kindle that I have not read. Some I bought out of boredom; some were purchased out of the hype it was getting on social media.

Note to all my readers, sometimes the hype is not worth it.

Last year, when I had put myself on a book buying band, I was left with books that I purchased and had to read. Guess what, I loved it.

I mean come on, I get to saved money and I read some really good books.

My bookshelf on my kindle is a bit much right now, by that I am overwhelmed by how much unread books I have on there and on top of that I just came back from a trip where I filled up my carry-on with new books. (Bookish Vibes. Bookish Problems)

This February and March I will be reading what I already own.

My personal Read the Books You Own List

Knowing myself I might only read three out of the six, and I also don’t force myself to read anything I do not enjoy or learn from. I am one to forget the hype, I do give novels a chance and I often do have two books going, so I can read according to my mood.

Given the list of books, I want to read this year and reading what I already own, I might be all booked up this year (lol)

What books do you own that you haven’t read as yet ?.

Love Always,


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