You are not your weight.

Welcome to my weekly special about my personal journey with weight gain and loss, with body image. Some days I will chime in on other areas of my life that will all fall into place with where I am on my weight loss journey.

I have been on a weight loss journey for some time, I have lost about 55lbs and then I got stuck, then COVID, Then a break-up during covid and 20lbs came back then I lost about a good 15, but I have to be honest it’s not an easy ride. I have lost and I have gained. Now I am looking for my new weight, not one that is impossible.

And, don’t ask me to count any dam calories either !!!


When it comes to diet and nutrient I have some clue, but I am not anexpect.

What I do know is, I want to look and feel better.

Looking and feeling better has to come with me quitting a few things out of my diet and yes I have to cook my own food.

Cooking for myself has always been a challenge as I have been living alone for the past 10 years. But on the upside I made back up with the kitchen last year see post

My plan so far includes meal prep, staying away from certain foods for 21-days to detox my body, gym 4 days a week minimum and I’ll weight in on Wednesday’s.

And , of course self care and healing will be right beside me during this time.

“Here’s to all of us battling the bulge, may we all stay focused and learn to love ourselves all the way.”


In all future posts, I will include my weight. I might not have time to measure all the other parts, but I will do it once a month so we can see the progress I will be making.

I thought long and hard about my goal weight. For years when I started my weight loss journey I started to tell myself that 130lbs was my goal weight. After much thought, I am good with 135-140bs. I am 163cm and I am going to be 39. So, holding on to this weight is not good and it’s not going to serve me. I did get down to 145 and that was my lowest at one point, but I have always stayed within 148-152 range.

I start my diet tomorrow 01/02/22 and I have meal prepped for 3 days.

Love Always,


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