Recently I was going through my email and I saw my iPhone had an “unsubscribe” option for a few spam emails. I thought to myself what a wonderful feature to have “unsubscribe” right on top so I don’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom to “unsubscribe”. I loved this feature in my inbox so much I started to think of the way I can unsubscribe in other areas of my life.

Toxic People or I can’t be Bothered, People

I made a silent prayer to myself and told myself I want to unsubscribe from certain people and their bullshit.

Last year was a rough year, it was a year I learned how fucked up people can be, how unkind humans can be towards each other, how mental health is not a joke and taking your life seriously is the only way to survive.

But there comes a point where you no longer want to just survive, you want to breathe, you want to live, you want to thrive.

I had to be honest with myself. There were certain people in my life that I was being really kind and nice too and it was draining my energy. There were people who were dumping on me and I was taking on their crap when it’s not my load of shit to carry.

I said no more. No more holding space for people who can’t show up for me and no more toxic people around me sucking everything out of me. I am going to be 40 next year for fucks sake, I am supposed to get my dam shit together. So, I unsubscribe to about 5 people and their bullshit so far and I feel amazing. Sorry, but I will not be entertaining negative energy for the sake of being nice or for you to like me. It’s just not going to happen this year.

Use Unsubscribe in other areas of your life

This Unsubscribe thing I realize can be used in many areas of my life, like excuses of why I can’t work out, junk food, unfollowing social media that gets me down. I can use this method for just about anything and so can you.

I also kinda like walking around saying to myself “nope not today, I’ve unsubscribed”. I get a chuckle by saying it. Who said setting boundaries had to be boring.

I guess you can say it’s another way of saying “I quit”.

I just can’t do last year over again. My life needs to change and some things and people just have to go.

Here’s the thing, I need to be stronger for me. So if someone opens up their mouth and starts gossiping, talking smack I’m going to speak up and let them know I’m not going to tolerate that behaviour.

What’s the worst thing that going to happen they not like me anymore…yeah not this year, we don’t care about if people like us. We are going to live life to the fullest.

We forget that we create our lives, we tell people how to treat us, we can control our emotions and social media accounts and we have the right to set boundaries and make ourselves feel, relaxed, safe and happy.

Do you have anyone or anything you would like to unsubscribe to ?.

Love Always,


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