YYZ to POS : Moving Forward

I have been somewhat MIA for over a week. But if you were me, you would have disconnect from all social media. Seeing my sisters and the kids after so long and after seeing my son in Florida. I needed time to process my feelings, I needed time to just be in the moment with my family.

When I was leaving Florida I told my sister Becky “I don’t miss Trinidad and not one day did I feel lonely in Florida as I do in Trinidad”. That moment was a wake up call.

I ate, I thought about my life and how much I miss being around people I love. How much I love giving my love to others, how much I miss being around kids.

Becky has a 9-month-old puppy and I fell in love, so I came back with puppy fever.

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I came back to Trinidad very sad. I felt like a child and I wanted to just pout until someone would say “okay fine, you can move”.

That’s the thing about being an adult you have to do shit on your own and face your f@ucking fear head-on. You have to get up, make a plan and get over all the things you have created in your head that would go wrong.

I pouted when I got back to trinidad and I cried , becase I miss everyone so much. Then I got my shit together and started to make a plan for just about everything.

A few of the areas I wanted to put more effort into my life were my health, money, blog and opening my own business all while planning to move back to Toronto. Yeah I know I am slightly nuts, but I rather take chances and live my life to the fullest.

I have a “Weight in Wednesdays” coming up. Its a weekly digest aout my weight loss journey. I have more to say about living sober and quitting smoking. I also have some books list coming up.

Your girl is back !!!!! Now let’s get this magic started.

Love Always,


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