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No, this is not a post about Christian Grey and his naughty and lusting ways (okay, back to reality Melissa). This post is about going naturally grey with your hair.

This is a personal choice, and I am not here to influence you, but if you are deciding to go grey, then just know you are not alone.

What made me decide to stop colour treating my hair and am I turning into a hippie ?.

No, I am not turning into a

14 years ago, after I gave birth to my son, I started to lose my hair. It’s common for women to go through a shedding phase with their hair.

It got worse as my life got worse or life was happening.

After I went blond and the hairdresser butchered my hair, I started to lose more hair. I love using my hair as an expression piece. I loved when I had it short and with many different highlights and I loved it long with bouncy curls.

When I spotted the first grey hair last year around October, I felt this rush come over me. I wanted to pout but realized there was no point it was just grey hair, and I could just color it, plus it would take a while before anyone will notice.

The decision to go grey naturally wasn’t hard. For one I am losing my hair in a very disturbing way and adding chemicals to my hair to cover up greys would make no sense.

I like to think of myself as a very intuitive woman, and I felt like my hair was saying “we had enough of that chemical shit you keep feeding us”.  

I asked other women ranging in age from 25-75 and they all said they were not ready to go grey, that not having grey hair represented their youth.

For these women, grey was the worst fashion accessory. Some even looked at me strangely when I ask “why do you colour your greys”?

I turned to Twitter and IG and found more women choosing to go grey by choice and looking dam fine.


Absolutely you can look youthful with grey hair. You still have hairstyles to play with and make-up. As for me, I am all for Botox and Fillers, so I’ll add that to the mix when the timing is right.

If you keep your eye out, I am sure you will come across someone going grey and rocking it.

When I saw one woman on Twitter rocking her grey hair, I was cheering her on. It takes guts to do that, it’s a bold move.

None of the women in my life would ever even give going grey a thought, maybe they would when they see how many trending women are now grey and fierce.

From my research, you can go into the salon when you have a decent amount of grey and have them give you a transitional look. Which is adding in some grey highlights to mix with your hair. This would work best if you had your hair colour-treated before and you are grey is showing from the roots. I love this idea honestly because it still gives us women options, it still gives us the chance to be playful with our hair all while embracing going grey.

Going grey has been associated for decades with ageing. Somehow a man becomes a silver Fox, and a woman becomes an Old Hang. Not anymore, things are changing, and women are showing the world how awesome they can look with grey hair.

Personally, I believe youth comes from within. You have a playful, fun, joyful spirit and it will shine outwards.

I think we need to stop putting down women for having grey hair and embarse what we chose to do and embrase how we chose to look. No two women are the same and I don’t think the world should expect us all to look alike.

I like the fact that I am going grey, I embrace this part of my life and me. Plus my mom showed me the steps she takes to cover her grey’s and I was like “yeah, nope that is not for me for sure”, I feel like covering up my grey might end up being a full-time job.

How do you like to wear your hair and do you have any tips for hair loss?.

Love Always,


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