Have you ever watched the movie The Last Word, starring Shirley MacLaine & Amanda Seyfried ?. You might remember Shirly MacLaine in the popular 1989 movie Stealing Magnolias where she starred alongside Juliet Roberts and Sally Field.

I watched this movie some years ago. The message in The Last Word stayed with me from the moment I was finished watching it. The movie was so impactful that all it took was watching it once and it stayed with me for many years later.

It also had me thinking about a few other people in my life.


A retired businesswoman wants to control everything around her, knowing that she only has a little time left before an imminent death due to a medical condition. She decides to craft her own obituary, so she hires a young obituary writer to work with her to ensure her life story is told her way. The old businesswoman tries to expand the horizons of her life, and adopts a young kid for mentoring and lands herself a job as a disc jockey. She grows close with the young writer and influences her life.

You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.

Kahlil Gibran

The Movie is about DEATH, yeah I know heavy right. But not really.

If it’s one thing we are guaranteed in life is DEATH. No matter how much money you have, what your education is, or how you look, we are all going to die someday and some of us sooner than others. It’s an UGLY fact.

During the pandemic, we were faced to think about death. We were faced to think about life, how we live and how we want to live our life.


What I loved most about the movie The Last Word was its raw and honest truth. How obituaries are sometimes full of utter bullshit, not everyone is nice and not everyone is going to be missed. (harsh I know right!)

But, here’s the thing, that movie stuck with me after so many years and I wondered what I would want people to say about me.

We have been told in Self-Help, Self-Development not to think about what others think of you. While I agree with that 95 percent. I would have to say that the other 5 % will have to be “yes it does matter how you show up in other people’s lives”, It matters if you are kind, it matters if you were forgiving, it matters if you were fierce, it matters if you went after your dreams, it matters if you willingly tried to make an impact on your world.

I bet you anything you know someone, that if they died not many people will miss them, because of how miserable, unhappy, unkind they were to others. Don’t become one of those people.

I had told myself some years ago, I want to make an impact. At first, I thought it was on a grand scale (I tell you, I DREAM BIG).

You are good when you are fully awake in your speach.

Khalil Gibran

When my yoga training got put off due to my lack of support, job accommodation and me losing almost my whole mind during a break-up. I told myself that if the only woman I helped so far in my life was just my sisters and housekeeper, then that was enough.

It’s not the number of people you try to help or influence, but the quality of your influence in other people’s lives.

I’ll always tell people, my circle is small, but my GOD is it every so rich, so powerful, so divine.

The people in my life are the ones with whom I have roots. When they die it will hurt me, and just like I have influenced their lives, they have influenced mine.

What do you want your LAST WORDS TO SAY?

What do you want people to say about you ?.

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