6:50 am Flight.

Okay, folks. It’s been a minute am I right.

I have survived the COVID vacation in Florida.

I have learned a great deal about myself, about Florida this time around. I turned some of my frustrations into projects, like learning a new language. I got frustrated that most places I went to no one understood me. Then I read one of the blogger’s posts about learning a new language so I’ll be getting serious with French this year.

I have lot’s to write about, but I am in the process of sorting everything out. I have goals of creating more and putting myself more out there. Getting over the FEAR shit you know!

I am grateful that I didn’t end up in the hospital, that I am safe and I am making it home to my family in Toronto.

I had a wonderful lunch with my son before I left and he’s growing into a wonderful young man.

But my time has come to an end now with Florida, until June when I return for my son’s graduation.

I am all packed and so fucking proud of myself for making it without worrying, I think the stoicism is paying off.

I should be back in Trinidad in about 2 weeks.

Next stop YYZ to POS

Love Always,