Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be One. — Marcus Aurelius

Recently I have added stoicism to my life. If I really think about it has been in my life without me really knowing. I have added the daily stoic it into my everyday spiritual practice.

Sure, I have read some books by Robert Green and Ryan Holiday’s book Obstacles in the Way has always been on my “to-read list”. It wasn’t until I went through a break-up and did an inventory and reflection process I was asked “what about your partner’s personality would you like to embody”. I had to give this no thought at all, there was something my partner had that I wanted very badly.

It was his way of being very unbothered and showing no emotion to great stress. I would tell him “I want to be stoic just like you”. I had no idea what I was saying but being emotionless is what I thought stoicism was all about. I felt at that time I was too dramatic.

Let me explain; I wear my heart on my sleeve, you can see my pain on the outside, I am not at all that mysterious, my mind seems to have more control after years of meditations and yoga practice. I want to be in control and the watcher of my mind.

After telling myself I want to be more stoic I decided that I should find out what this really means and what and how can I add it into my life. I also wondered about the female aspect of it. All these Stoics were men, so how am I as women being represented?


Life is very short and anxious for those who forget the past, neglect the present, and fear the future.—Seneca

I am not religious. I sometimes find the Devine on my prayer mat or during my morning cup of coffee. I consider myself a praying woman and a woman of faith.

What attracted me to Stoicism besides the catchy quotes I saw floating around the internet was the power in the mind and control of behaviours.

Not everything needs a reaction and being silent can work wonders for you.

I am still working on the silent part. It has also taught me to be a better listener, still another thing I am working on.

So far, I am loving the content that I have been reading. I bought The Daily Stoic Meditations and that is helping a lot.

Stoic also has a great teaching on fear which is helping me get over a few areas of my life.

What teaching have you come across to help you get over the fear?


So far what my interpretation is that much of Stoic Philosophy is female energy. You don’t react in haste, don’t act with a quick temper, you sort of go with the flow. You allow yourself to be fluid. To me that is was the female energy is all about, she’s fluid-like and calm.

Now I could be all wrong about this, but so far, I love this way of being and the way this is being delivered to me.  

Love Always,



  1. I think it’s great that you have found value in incorporating Stoicism into your spiritual practice. It’s true that Stoicism emphasizes the importance of self-control, rationality, and living in accordance with nature. It can certainly be a helpful philosophy for guiding one’s actions and reactions, and for finding peace and contentment in life. As for the representation of women in Stoicism, it’s true that the majority of well-known Stoic philosophers were men. However, there were also women who practiced and wrote about Stoicism, such as the philosopher Musonius Rufus and the poet and philosopher Persephoneia. Additionally, the Stoic philosophy of focusing on what is within one’s control and living in accordance with virtue can be applied to people of any gender.

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