I am still stuck in Florida and I have moved from Boynton Beach to Fort Lauderdale.

Today I had a bit of a cry, but in all honestly, I needed that cry. I have been overwhelmed, been dealing with covid setbacks for a week now and I am doing what is required of me. I stay inside, wear my mask when I am outside etc.

maybe I was just having a day.


My family is always asking me “did you eat”

I am not starving myself, but I can tell you one thing I am sick and tired of fast food, take out pre-packaged food. I want a home-cooked meal.

I can’t do fast food, my acne is acting up and I am not used to eating fast food.

Living in a hotel is challenging when it comes to eating.

But, I said to myself before I leave Florida I need a really good bagel, coffee and donut. I wish I had tried Jupiters Donuts in Boynton before I left.

They have a Cali Coffee across the street and its looks like a popping coffee place. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I tries Pho for the first time and I loved it.

I think my only option right now is to head over to wal-mart or Target and get some ready-to-eat Salads and buy some fruit.

I have a small mini-fridge so my space is limited. Door Dash is not Cheap and neither is using Lyf, but I still have them as options to get around and if I need something to eat they do have healthy options available on Door Dash.

The last thing on my mind is my weight, but I also am aware that I need to feed my body good things as I had tested positive for Covid-19 on Dec 27, 2021. I need to take care of my body and show some love by feeding it healthy things.


I have been praying and keeping up with my gratitude. I am trying my best to stay positive, and let go of control.

PRAYING is what is keeping my spirits up.

I got scared today, it’s the first time I have been in an area where I know NO ONE. I am fucking adulting here like no body’s businnes and it’s scary. No I am not getting excited ,I am fucking scared. I think this whole Covid situation has me more scared.

Fort Lauderdale is not a place to walk around. In Boynton, I am was prancing around every day, twice a day. Walking to target, Marshalls, khols and CVS. Yeah someone how being surrounded by retail gave me comfort..lol

Nah, that’s not it. I have my son’s dad and stepmom a 7 min drive away should I really need anything. And Boynton is just much nicer than Fort Lauderdale. I am still trying to find a way to describe this place without sounding too much like a prissy.

Let’s just say, I was fully aware today of my judgmental thoughts and had to take a step back to control my mind because I was about to freak myself out by the characters I saw, and Yes I was judging them, and yes I did ask the man at the front desk if this was a safe place to stay.

It’s my first night and I will still have to give it time, but like I said it’s not Courtyard Marriot at Boynton Beach.


I don’t know what to think today. I still don’t have all the required information on my upcoming travles.

Air Canada is not accepting anyone with a positive test after 14 – 180 days like other airlines.

West Jet and Air Transet says they will accept a postive test after 14days of the first postive.

The general rule is a Negative test no later than 72 hours to enter into Canada and Trinidad.

Calling the airlines have been apain in my fucking ass.

I spent over an hour last night trying to get in touch with Air Canada, another 45 mins today trying to get in touch with West Jet. I need to confirm that my 14 days old Positive Test will work and give me an exemption to travel without testing again.

Don’t even get me started on testing here in Florida. All CVS is booked up. I will not use MDNOW again after the situation I had with them.

If a test is required and a negative one is a MUST I don’t know where I stand. This is where my fucking frustration is coming in.

“After testing positive, I still have a chance of testing positive for up to a month after”.

“Can’t seem to get tested in time for a flight, unless I pay like 300.00 + USD”

Today was a hard day, I can do hard days, I just don’t want to do hard days anymore, not for much longer.

Love Always