Alone on New Years’ Eve Due to COVID.

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According to my test results. I tested Positive for the Covid-19 on December 27th. According to the new guideline I have to stay in my hotel room until tomorrow. I was told 5 days of isolation because I am fully vaxed.

Honestly, this makes no sense for me to be indoors when I was out and about before. but whatever!!!!

So far I have been in isolation for about a good 2 days and today is day 4.

Yesterday I used the wonderful app called “doordash” and had all the goodies from Walgreens delivered to me. This is honestly one of the best inventions. no contact delivery is the best. (all introverts will love this)


When it came to symptoms I thought I was just getting a common cold or withdrawal from nicotine. Yup, that’s right not only did I quit drinking this year I also gave up the nasty smoking habit and smoking was the most challenging to quit. (more about that in another post)

I had basic flu like sysmtoms and I honelty just put it off to change of weather, stress and withdrawl.

  • runny nose
  • sneezying
  • fever
  • chills
  • low energy
  • moody
  • joint pain
  • unable to write with my hand (it was hard to hold a pen when I tried to take notes down)
  • coughing
  • shortness of breath when I ate anything
  • feeling drained

These were my symptoms. The shortness of breath did scare me and I thanked my self for kicking the nasty smoking habit.

when I was unable to write properly I got scared. I couldn’t even type anything for more than 2 mins.

I had to listen to my body instead of going into panic mode and just rest. I didn’t blog or think of new ideas for my blog. I just rested.

I am blessed !!!

I was scared and stressed for sure.

I was scared because I am in Florida where I do not have family or friends close by.

Also, I did not expect to stay in a hotel this long.

So yes, part of me was worried about money, but I reminded myself that Money is always coming my way and in these moments, I will surrender.

That is what I did . I surrendered and my mom, sisiter, spouse , aunty all called and said the exact same thing “if you need help with money, let us know. what can we help you with?”

I am blessed for sure is what I can say. I have made it throught a very rough time that might have break me , that I might have given up on my goals of living sober and smoke free. Its always easy to go back to our old ways in times like this.

Always choose to see the light.

With just a few hours left in for this year. I have so much to be grateful for.

I couldn’t understand my lonely nights this year, but I think it was preparing me for this moment where I would be miles away from home, a 5 min drive to my son and I will have no other choice but to be alone due to my Covid Isolation.

I would have never in a million years think I was going to be a drive away from my son and not be able to see him.

I also didn’t think I was going to get covid, but say what shit happens right?

I can hear the fireworks from my hotel room and I am grateful tonight to have a roof over my head, food in my tummy, and I am in a hotel room and not in a hospital room. Maybe next year I’ll be in a hospital room giving birth or doing a tummy tuck who knows.

That’s the thing about life and the moment when you feel alone, it will show you, all you have to be grateful for and humble your heart in so many ways.

I am not the only one alone tonight.

It’s been a year my dear friends, but we made it through another year, some of us with battle scars but never the less we made it.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year 2022.

Love Always


4 thoughts on “Alone on New Years’ Eve Due to COVID.

  1. Oh hun, thank you. Sure felt like it when you were in a hotel room by yourself. but I got through it. Maybe it was all the days I had been alone last year that got me through it, maybe prayers from wonderful ppl like yourself and my family. Grateful that I made it.


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