Travelling for the first time in 2 years was going to be a challenge or so I thought.

I hear the endless rumors of “everything is a mess”. I chose not to give in to the hectic energy.

I said a prayer and told myself, that I was not to be frustrated, I had to remember everyone is trying their best. I told myself I had something more to focus on besides long lines and I can make use of the long line by praying while I wait, thanking God for how I am in total gratitude right now for what I have and being able to travel to see my son.

So far, it’s not bad and I have no complaints. Another thing I said I was not going to do was complain, I am really trying my best not to use any wasteful energy I might have. I rather have a positive outlook during this time.

The Airport is not packed like it usually is this time of year. I am about 30mins away from boarding time and I don’t think this is going to be a packed flight.

I had no issues with the liquids I packed on my carry-on. See my last post for packing tips.

The only downfall for this is that I was not able to get any Jamaican Patties at Rituals, other than that, so far so good.


What do you watch on your MacBook while you are travelling? well, I wish I could say Netflix, but nope. You are not able to download Netflix movies or TV shows like you can with your iPhone or iPad. The mirror option does not work with Netflix, and it really makes me sad that Netflix will do this to iMac Book users.

MacBook users have an option and it’s called amazon prime. I am a fan of Amazon Prime, but not a Fan of the limited features I get on my Alexa and amazon prime videos while I am in Trinidad.

Because I am residing in Trinidad, I am limited to the Movies I can watch with Amazon Prime, but when I travel, I have more options available to me.

I have watched a few things on Amazon Prime and I enjoyed them very much, so I have no problem re-watching a movie or trying a new show that’s available to me.

Going back to me not complaining. I remember the days when I would watch a new movie on a flight that was provided by the airlines. Does anyone else remember those flying days?  I will not complain of not having anything to watch, because thanks to Amazon Prime I was able to download a few movies. It’s not Netflix, but it will work for me just fine.

Now it’s time to put on my kindle and finish the book I am reading.

To whoever is travelling today, be safe and be patient.

Love Always,


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